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Fewer people regard themselves as working class today than at any other period in history, with 71 per cent self-identifying as middle class. Class-consciousness is considered passé by the new generation attaining voting age; first-timers this time around apparently didn’t give a hoot where David Cameron went to school, for example.
Andrews Roberts is a bit late with that observation as Oxbridge public school boy Clem Atlee could have told him. The difference is Atlee didn't need to kick shit in the face of the most vulnerable and powerless to get on and defend his status but pull them up and give them hope for a better life. That's why we're Labour Andrew whether in a council house or a manor house.

And I thought Labour was full of poncey Metropolitan liberals that were out of touch with horny-handed sons of toil? Mr Danczuk is on to that one:
even discuss the cultural and emotional issues affecting traditional working class communities.
Yeh lets get Liz Kendall to smoke Woodbine and go ferret racing and everything will be alright. Does he want to discuss the disconnect with working class communities who saw quality skilled jobs disappear under the Blair years?
The Labour party needs to be challenged on its love of centralisation, its reliance on high taxation and its disconnect from business.
If he'd listened to Cameron and Osbourne's economic promises in the election he would have noted that it was far more a load of uncosted flim-flam than anything Miliband was proposing. First get someone articulate the pubic trust in-order to sell the message. And it aint you mate.
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Littlejohn's brain wrote:Andrew Roberts with some helpful advice ... Party.html" onclick=";return false;
Death's more likely to come to them first. Isn't the average age of Tory party members something like 68 now? They've just scraped their first majority in almost a quarter of a century for fuck's sake, and even then they had to ship in a load of Republican Yank weirdoes to help them do it.
By youngian
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Bones McCoy wrote:Daily Mash says ... 0728100549" onclick=";return false;
An MI5 source said: “Hobbs may appear harmless but he could easily join the Labour party and vote for Jeremy Corbyn, who has hardline Stalinist policies like cheaper train fares.”

He looks like my former Lib-Dem councillor who was a first rate pavement politics politician and is still in shock at losing his county council seat in May. He's still putting out Lib Dem news leaflets as if he's still in power.
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