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By hel
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(couldn't find a PC brigade thread so decided to make one, although i get a feeling there is one already that i've overlooked)

this article looks like it could tick a couple of the mail's "PC gorn mad" boxes at once (disabled and ethnic minority dolls for kids), although the parents' reactions don't seem like "fury," more like "distaste." ... ility.html
By ManicMiner
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If you don't like the dolls, don't buy them. Simple really. It's a case of personal choice.

- Laura, Derbyshire, 7/7/2008 9:50

Laura gets it. Simple and straight to the point.

However, others can't wait to spew the vitriol...

[b]What a grim world we are living in.No longer are dollies for play, for make believe, or for fun. Now it all about self image and psychological 'help'.

We 'disabled' know we are 'disabled' - we don't need a doll to remind us of that! Stop making everything PC; let children be children and play and laugh once again!

- Nona, New York City, 07/7/2008 11:40[/b]

"No longer are dollies for play" - can't help thinking of that classic episode from "Only Fools & horses"... :lol:

Absolutely disrespectful to people with handicaps.

A child's image of themselves is very important and this portrayal of children with handicaps is disgusting.

How patronising!

It should be banned.

- TW, London, 7/7/2008 3:48
By Daley Mayle
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Hard working, white, middle class, middle England father of three called a pervert and takes exception. ... -park.html

Personally I think he should have been charged with contaminating the gene pool by producing such ugly ginger kids.

Political correctness is going mad. My daughter and I often take photos of her son playing in the park or the beach. Family albums are wonderful to see in later life and hold many memories of trips out. Keep photographing!

- Louise, Newcastle upon Tyne, 15/7/2008 13:12

Political correctness is going mad!

- Christine, Bucks, 15/7/2008 13:17

We seem to be suffering from an epidemic of paranoia. But the saddest thing is that this kind of disorder is not only considered "normal" by our government, but actively encouraged. Is it part of the Nu Labour agenda for destroying our society?

- Martin, Newmarket, Suffolk, 15/7/2008 13:39

Guilty until proven innocent, eh. This is PC madness and we have the "liberal elite" to thank for this.

- Ali, Alney Island, Glos., 15/7/2008 13:50
By frolix22
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Top Cop Demoted After Saying BMWs were 'Black man's wheels'

The black kids in my school used to call it Black Mans Wheels also, does that make them racist too?

- Carl, Clydach

Yeah, black people have co-opted the n-word too, Carl. Does that make it ok to for white folk to toss it around?

PC gone mad again, you can't say anything in jest, or common parlance without somebody from a minority being offended. Where are their backbones? Sticks and stones never hurt, and more so, when they weren't thrown in anger.

- Ian, Cardiff

Thank for clearing that up, Ian. You are a fucking idiot! No offence meant, of course. It's just common parlance.

Well of course. You cant make a flippant joke like that, even if it is one known by the entire community. (Including the Blacks, who told it to me!)

BUT you are quite all right to say that killing people is OK if they are not in agreement with your religion.

- Lou Moore, Nottingham UK

Oh, the Blacks told it to you, did they Lou? The Blacks. And exactly who the hell regards it as "quite all right to say that killing people is OK if they are not in agreement with your religion".
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