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By youngian
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Northallerton (North Yorkshire) result:
CON: 48.3% (-4.1)
UKIP: 20.5% (-10.6)
LAB: 17.2% (+0.7)
YFIR: 9.7% (+9.7)
GRN: 4.3% (+4.3)
An impressive swing to Yorkshire First. They may sound like a Harry Enfield sketch but they seem a nice enough bunch of civic minded regionalists. Notice there are no Lib Dems standing.
http://www.yorkshirefirst.org.uk/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By Malcolm Armsteen
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#1 son's in-laws live in that constituency. They may well be the only Labour voters in the village.
The LibDems, generally

Violet Elizabeth Swinson. Thwinthon - surely?

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