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By Andy McDandy
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As that Jess Phillips pointed out, if he wanted to introduce a bill about female on male domestic violence, she'd happily co-sponsor it. And he can't argue that he's a small government, let's not get involved type either, because plenty times he's voted for greater government involvement in 'private life' stuff. Just as long as it wasn't primarily his type of people getting scrutinised. He's a trolling cunt.
By The Red Arrow
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Philip Davies MP is blocking a private bill by Nusrat Ghani against so-called honour-based violence. Gets groans and jeers from all sides
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By Samanfur
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The Guardian wades in, comparing Davis to both Trump and an online troll:
Speaking against the bill, Davies said: “It seems that I am the only one in this House at the moment who equally opposes honour-based violence against men, too.” Yet in her speech, Ghani had specifically referred to male victims, saying: “Language matters. The use of the term ‘honour’ to describe a violent criminal act committed against a man, but more often a woman, can only be explained as a means of self-justification for the perpetrator. It diminishes the victim and provides a convenient excuse for what in our society we should more accurately call simply: murder, rape, abuse or enslavement.”
It was not the first time Davies has intervened in parliamentary proceedings with the clear purpose of derailing measures intended to tackle violence against women and girls. In December, he filibustered for more than an hour in an attempt to prevent the passage of a bill calling for ratification of the Istanbul Convention, which has been described as a “gold standard” for tackling violence against women. Just last week, he also spent more than an hour filibustering a bill from MP Caroline Lucas which sought to make sex and relationships education compulsory, so she was unable to finish her opening speech or proceed to a vote.
By Catkins
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As well as being a complete failure of a human being he's also lazy. He represents a constituency in Yorkshire and all other non-London MPs tend to head off on Thursday evening for constituency work. He should be doing an advice surgery on Friday morning, not hanging around the Commons trying to filibuster anything that improves life for women.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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So, I hear, would his local Conservative Association. That was why he 'withdrew' and allowed the debate to continue.

Nasty little shit. Apparently he had ambitions to be a journalist, but lacked the talent. Run that one round in your head...
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