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By Safe_Timber_Man
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I did think we had a Fake News thread but it seems not. Maybe worth keeping track of what we're up against in terms of fake stories and the ease in which people fall for them and actually want to believe them.

Some fuckwit posts a Fake News story:


Numerous people point out to him that it's untrue and provide evidence of the real story. In this case, the 'beaten boy' is actually a girl who was attacked by a dog in Wales:

Image ... blue-eyes/

A lot of people ignore the facts and continue to rant about Muslims.

The person who posted the Fake News story doubles down:

By Son Of Hand
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I see this sort of nonsense popping up on FB, usually provided by such springheads of veracity like Britain First. I just assume it's bullshit until I see a reliable source that corroborates it.

Which has never happened.
By cycloon
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For all the outcry about facts being meaningless, it's interesting to see that guy double-down on micro-level 'evidence' - it can't be true because the wound looks wrong. He pivots on a (spurious) fact, not whataboutisms and wide-reaching catch-all 'Allah's a Paedo' stuff.

Not because it's evidently of another case in another country with a totally different set of events, let alone questioning why evil Muzzies attacked that boy for committing the sin of having 'blue eyes' in a country full of people with blue eyes, and so on.

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