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By mr angry manchester
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Marty McFly is a character, played by Michael J Fox in the film Back to the Future, where he used a DeLorean, adapted as a time machine, to go back to 1955

Incidentally, the bad guy in the film, Biff Tannen, was based on Donald Trump!
By D.C. Harrison
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To expand for Cyclist: having gone back in time, he screws up the events that saw his parents get together. Following a series of hilarious Oedipal-esque antics, he manages to get them to the big dance together. However - the leader of the band set to play has a mangled hand, thus Marty steps in and secures his existence, as his folks need to dance and snog to make sure events play out as they should. Before leaving to go back to 1985, he performs a cover of "Johnny B Goode", which impresses the watching band leader, who gets his cousin Chuck on the phone to hear the "new sound" that he's been looking for.

So now you don't need to even watch the film.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I think it's Daley's fault.

The film is/was Back To The Future. Marty McFly plays at (or auditions for, I can't quite recall) the prom, and knocks out Johnny B Goode. In a cutaway a guy phones his cousin and says "Chuck, you know that new sound you've been looking for? Listen to this!"

It's a nice moment in a generally good movie.
By mr angry manchester
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I like the bit where when Marty meets the professor, Doc Brown, and the Doc asks him who is president in 1985, and he replies "Ronald Reagan"

The response is greeted with incredulous laughter and a question "whose vice president - Jerry Lewis?!
By Cyclist
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Thanks all

I knew about the DeLorean. I knew the popular beat combo McFly were named in homage to Marty McFly, but I never knew who Marty McFly was. As for flux capacitors, they could have come from anything from the last 60 years, from Flash Gordon to Star Wars Rogue One (which I also haven't seen!)

My knowledge of popular culture has been expanded today 8)
By Cyclist
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I have also discovered that Dayley might actually be the evil mastermind who stops poor downtrodden MoD 'droids from looking at Flickr pictures, Youtube and, for some odd reason, the Mr Men website.
By Samanfur
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Liddle saying more of those things that he's outraged that you can't say any more:
Not funny: Sunday Times columnist ‘jokes’ about the killing of gay people

Rod Liddle has caused outrage in a new column with yet another anti-LGBT sentiment.

The journalist was writing about an egg painting workshop in Hackney, London which was advertised as “multi-faith” and “LGBT-friendly” over the weekend.

But Rod had to take issue with that very fact, of course.

“I can’t wait,” he wrote in his Sunday Times column. “I’ve already decorated my egg – they’re made of wood, by the way, so as not to offend chickens.

“Mine shows a homosexual being pushed off a large building by a jihadist, which I think is in keeping with the spirit of the event.

“See you all there.”
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