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SUE REID: These nurses from Down Under are in Britain and desperate to work for an understaffed NHS after the Grenfell Tower disaster - but red tape and a crazy English test stop them ... z4mtawOh7s" onclick=";return false;
By Andy McDandy
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Part of me says that if they're native English speakers yet can't get their heads round medical vocab as well as a Filipino they might not be that bright. But Hey, in Mail world they're white with an acceptable accent so they can do no wrong.
By Big Arnold
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The children, men and pregnant woman cast adrift and left to die: Horrifying photos show bodies found in a rubber boat drifting in the Mediterranean in latest migrant disaster

How did Katie Hopkins describe them before Dacre decided she would be an asset to the Mail? Oh yes. Cockroaches. ... z4nyW9TCR1" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Facebook SLAMMED for censoring 19th century classical art of bare-breasted women in act of 'absurd political correctness'

DM absurd political correctness from the same article.


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By Bones McCoy
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Daley Mayle wrote:They shouldn't be allowed to work until they've jolly well broadened their vowels and had that annoying rising inflection at the sentence end removed. By surgery if necessary.
The last thing you want is a surgeon or anaesthetist misinterpreting a statement for a question part way through delicate surgery.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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High-flying This Morning producer with a nut allergy who was left brain damaged after eating ONE bite of a meal re-joins her colleagues on air as they vow to help ban nuts on flights ... lergy.html


This was their thoughts on nut allergies and airplanes a year ago:

Should nut allergy sufferers be allowed to fly? Health experts and campaigners debate how risky the condition REALLY is on an aircraft ... craft.html

"I'm sick and tired of everyone having to accommodate all of these "special" people."

null, 1 year ago
A bag of peanuts with a G&T is a tradition on a flight ...if you are "allergic" take a boat instead
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Rubyjas, Bridlington East Yorkshire, 1 year ago
I can see no reason why a plane load of 300+ passengers should have to refrain from eating their choice of snack because 1 person (who should be carrying an epipen or similar) has a reaction to them.I have a problem with perfumes and deodorants and I can have and have had a very distressing asthma episode when flying so I always carry my inhaler and a spare, I dont expect everyone else on the plane to rock the au-naturel body smell just because of my problem.
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MBE, Philadelphia PA, United States, 1 year ago
My son was disabled when he was a child and many times we did not do things or go places because it was a burden for others. I'm sick and tired of everyone having to accommodate all of these "special" people. The child' needs are his/her parents problem and it is up to the parents to figure out how to accommodate their child. It is not up to the rest of society to feel sorry for you and treat you like the victim you really want to be. If that is too harsh for some people and they want to red arrow me, so be it. I lived it. Being a victim is a bad option.
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Gordon, kungsbacka, 1 year ago
So basicly we cannot eat nuts anywhere,ie cinema, street, restaurant, bus, I wonder if these nut allergy people think of other people's allergies.
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By Big Arnold
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Are YOU guilty of these tourist language gaffes? From Bon appetit to mamma mia, the expressions British holidaymakers should avoid at ALL costs
Zut alors/sacrebleu
You wouldn't dream of wearing a beret, striped top and carrying a baguette in France, so why use these phrases?
Both 'zut alors' and 'sacrebleu' areare considered outdated, and generally only used in British tabloid headlines.

:lol: ... z4r40pNpzl" onclick=";return false;
By Big-Iain
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Twenty-Two hours ago, an article appeared on Mashable about a Reddit Shoplifting sub-site.

Three hours ago, an article appeared on MailOnline about a Reddit Shoplifting sub-site.

Apparently, stealing is wrong...but is acceptable for talent-free hacks like Martha Cliff (who seems to do a LOT of surf-n-steals).
By Big Arnold
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'Compared to them, I felt ugly and not attractive': Women admit how they REALLY feel after looking at adverts of models in bikinis and how they end up loathing their bodies
For the benefit of readers who don't know what a model in a bikini looks like.

Image ... -pics.html" onclick=";return false;
By Safe_Timber_Man
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So, this Oxfam scandal. I think we're probably all agreed that the Mail and Sun are all over this like flies on shit because they want to use it as a tool in their campaign to stop giving aid to the worlds poorest.

But take a look at how they've completed U-turned on their usual view of sexual harassment in the workplace. So, usually it's a case of - "oh get over it, you silly women". when reporting sexual harassment (even rape, sometimes). Now, we're pretending we're very concerned about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Abuse rife in BRITISH Oxfam shops: 123 cases of alleged sexual harassment and NO criminal record checks for 23,000 volunteers. Shocking statistics are revealed as whistleblower says she was 'IGNORED' ... tores.html
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