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By Andy McDandy
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Mark Steel once said that you had to admire Scargill for taking on the leadership of a union numbering in the hundreds of thousands and reducing its membership to one. Ditto Clegg, almost.
By youngian
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Thanks for the tip Nick but I don't think your advice will advance membership growth
Join Labour to stop Brexit, Nick Clegg says

The former Liberal Democrat leader said the process of Britain leaving the EU meant the country was in a “state of emergency”.

He argued people should ‘take the plunge” and join Labour in order to put pressure on Jeremy Corbyn and his party to block Brexit in the Commons.

“Join the Labour Party and make your voice heard. It may seem odd for a former leader of the Liberal Democrats – and someone who has fought against the illiberal habits of Labour all my political life – to advocate joining the Labour Party," he wrote in his latest book, How To Stop Brexit.

And, as a lifelong card-carrying member of another party, I won’t be doing so myself.

“But if you are someone who has never joined a party, or perhaps has been inclined to join Labour but has never got round to it, or if you are simply someone who recognises that the importance of Brexit is far greater than individual.

“At a time of national emergency, and for as long as Parliament is dominated by Labour and Conservative MPs, it is undoubtedly true that what happens within the two larger establishment parties is of the greatest importance.

“So if you can’t stomach joining the Labour Party, if you are ideologically inclined in a Conservative direction in any event and if you also believe that Brexit is the issue of our times, then joining the Conservatives is another route to make your views felt.” https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/po ... clegg-says" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
By youngian
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He could have said join the Tories as well to influence Brexit but has wisely decided they are lunatics beyond redemption. Is Brexit a “state of emergency?” I thought it was a miserable slow political and economic decline. Whatever Clegg's deficiencies he has been on the money with his Brexit predictions. And fully confident the Tories have no idea what they are doing with the EU. And he is an experienced former employee of both.
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