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By Malcolm Armsteen
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The Pallion result is stunning. They voted over 70% Leave.
I’m told the candidate was a big fan of the absolute boy, and the threatened downsizing of the Nissan plant due to Brexit was a big factor.
By youngian
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Lib Dems were getting results like that from Labour over a year ago including another one in Sunderland. This guy's leaflet was about dustbins and dog shit with no mention of Brexit or Nissan. And he probably looks more competent than a UKIP twat to deliver a protest vote to the council.
youngian wrote:
Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:47 pm
'The man who knows nothing so never gets it wrong.'
Boris' election campaign slogan right there
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By Arrowhead
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There were no less than fourteen council by-elections last night, and the results were a bit of a mixed bag for Labour. No losses, although they had to withstand a large LAB>CON swing of almost fifteen per cent whilst holding Grassmoor in North East Derbyshire.

The best Labour result of the night came in Holgate (York) where their vote share jumped up by almost twenty three per cent whilst holding the ward.

By far the most interesting results of the night were the two Lib Dem gains from the Tories in Chudleigh (Teignbridge) and Dawlish Central, the latter with a huge swing away from the Tories. Early signs of a Lib Dem revival in the South West, perhaps?
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