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That story isn't too dissimilar to what some eateries do, particularly for pub lunches, when you order a meal and the staff member casually asks if you want say bread or some other specifically named side order with it. It's often asked so casually that you assume it's part of the meal and an "either/or" option when in fact it is an additional paid extra. A bit of a swizz but certainly not newsworthy!
By Samanfur
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Kid goes skiving, but still manages to be the victim:

Yes, the school was negligent in not noticing that he was gone, but no matter how bad the bullying got when I was at school, it would never've occurred to me to pull a stunt like this, because my parents would've torn me a new one.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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If the facts really are as stated, the father has a very good case. This does smell very bad from the school's point of view.
By Bones McCoy
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Top sadfacing by the lad.
A great start, that could run and run.
* Shoe and haircut exclusion stories in the next 5 years.
* Asked to prove my age at the offy - 15 years.
* Bloody parking nazis, war on the motorist - 20 years.
* Caahncil planning dept - 30 years.
* Caahncil bin collections - 40 years.
* Gammon faced "Star" of Question time, or Yelling at "immigrants" on the bus - 50 years.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Difficult to fully judge without a comment from the private car park firm but the council seem to disagree with her:
“The private car park where these penalty notices were issued is owned and managed separately from ours, and in our view is clearly defined as separate.”

But this line from her...

“I’m a senior citizen, I don’t need this sort of hassle.”


That and the Mailite'esq pose is hard to ignore!
By Cyclist
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She does have a point about the lack of signs.

She went on, “The whole situation is very misleading. I’m sure there are people who don’t have good eye sight...
If people don't have good eyesight why the fuck are they driving?

0/10 for the headline, though. It should read:

Eastbourne woman's FURY...
By youngian
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Tony gives a heartbreaking account of his mistreatment at the hands of Morrisons' pie counter
Fury after Morrisons wouldn't sell couple meat pies before 9am ... l-14533827
Morrisons pies.jpg
Morrisons pies.jpg (50.33 KiB) Viewed 4373 times
By Samanfur
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Not exactly a sad face, but this seems worth a mention:
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