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By Andy McDandy
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So he's not entitled to an opinion because he's not British. But don't people see that it's not just about Britain - the knock on effects will hit the rest of Europe. It's like saying that cutting off your foot won't affect the rest of your body because it's no longer attached.

But remember, being a newspaper columnist means never having to say you're sorry.
By Messianic Trees
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Despite the deviousness of our rulers we’ll leave the EU a year from today thanks to the good sense of the people

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Immediately after the British people voted to leave in the June 2016 referendum, I was afraid the political class would find a way to frustrate the democratic will of the majority.

But despite countless scare stories propagated by anti-Brexit politicians and the BBC, which followed bloodcurdling predictions pumped out by Project Fear before the vote, this country is on track to exit the EU. In the circumstances, this is little short of a miracle.

It is, above all, a testament to the resilience and sense of the British people — or at any rate the majority who voted for Brexit and have stuck to their guns despite repeated attempts to unnerve them.
In the face of ... insults, and Michel Barnier’s infuriating condescension, Brexit Secretary David Davis has shown commendable patience.

But the real heroes of this saga are the British people, who have seen through the lies and scare stories churned out by politicians. What a contrast to the deviousness and defeatism of our ruling class.

And this, surely, is cause for hope. When we leave the EU in a year’s time, there will be untold millions who believe in a great future for this country. And it is they, not the politicians, who will deliver it.
By Messianic Trees
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How sickening that teachers and doctors are weaponising schools and hospitals by peddling their myths about poverty

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Extreme poverty is getting worse across the UK with schools increasingly being forced to fill in the gaps left by council and social service budget cuts.

This was the startling claim of members of a Left-leaning teachers’ trade union during its annual get-together over the Easter weekend. Imagine the hush falling over the conference hall as delegates heard appalling horror stories from Theresa May’s Britain.
But these hysterical interventions must be put in perspective. I refuse to believe, for example, there has been such a sharp deterioration in the well-being of pupils over the past three years, as was alleged by teachers at their conference.

All this wailing and gnashing of teeth from politicised teachers and doctors comes straight from the Jeremy Corbyn playbook. His constant cry, and that of his sidekick John McDonnell, is of public services in terminal meltdown.

The Labour leader repeatedly asserts that inequality has risen under the Tories. He is always banging on about austerity too, and paints a picture of the NHS starved of resources. More money, and lots of it, is his unvarying recipe.

But the facts make a nonsense of his rabid claims. Contrary to what the Left would have you think, the rich have not enjoyed massive tax cuts. Inequality is falling, not rising, according to official figures. And spending on the NHS has risen in real terms — i.e. discounting inflation — since 2010 despite ‘austerity’.

To judge by the caterwauling of Leftist critics, you would not credit that there are now 32.3million people in work — an all-time record — which is a million more than the 2015 figure, itself then a record.
I realise that in our political system claims and counter claims fly about. What is so depressing about Corbyn’s Labour Party and his cheerleaders is their shameless disregard of the truth and ruthless manipulation of the facts

The truth is poverty has declined. The poor have gained more from tax cuts than the rich. The NHS is not being starved. The Tories have a great story to tell about increasing employment. Yet despite all this, we are treated to the Corbynistas’ misguided and usually baseless sob stories.
By Messianic Trees
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From the comments:
bill, nuneaton, United Kingdom

I wonder how many kids going to school hungry is because their parents (parent) has spent the food money on booze or drugs?
mel71, west Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Let's make a clear distinction between poverty and laziness. My school uniform in the 70's was washed by hand -we didn't get a washing machine till the 80's, but I imagine these parents have all other sorts of gadgets like i-pads and expensive sky/mobile contracts. And having a diet of takeaways works out more expensive than nutritious homecooked food with added fruit, it just takes effort which I suspect is the greatest deficiency these parents lack.
Myopioncounts, London, United Kingdom,

People who have come to this country don't think like most of us do, never see the dirt on their clothes, unless they go to church on Sunday's. The more people do things for them, the less they will do for themselves.
Mr Dennis, Bristol, United Kingdom

The left wing have a strangle hold on the country - and see what a mess they are making of it. The left wing are seeking to control the language so they can control thought and they are starting with the young and the ill. The left destroy the right of the individual.
By Rosvanian
Of all the chancers, hacks, amateur humans and psychopaths earning a crust at the DM, I think Glover may just be the worst of them all. You know that when you see his name you're going to be bombarded with a tsunami of every Tory cliche you ever imagined. My mind tells me that the likes of Glover are wrong but well meaning. My heart says no, he and his ilk are just plain bad people.
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By Messianic Trees
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Has the gulf between rulers and the ruled ever been more starkly shown than in the passport fiasco?

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[L]et me explain why I think that where the passports are printed is of such totemic importance.

More than any other document in our lives, the blue passport represents the revival of British sovereignty and independence sparked by the referendum on June 23, 2016.

Some Remainers scoff, of course. They say sovereignty and independence are illusions in an interconnected world except for huge continental powers like the United States or China.

The blue passport means nothing to such people. In fact, many would rather keep their burgundy one.

But for most of those who voted Brexit, the blue passport is the very essence of what was taken away from us and has now been restored.

That is why it must be truly British. The new passport should be what it purports to be — a document signifying that the 'bearer' (to use the term included in the document's preamble) is a citizen of an independent nation.

And this will categorically not be the case if a Franco-Dutch company manufactures it in its low-cost Polish plant, or even in a factory in the UK. For one thing, Gemalto is expected soon be a quarter owned by the French state.

What happens if its workers should strike, or if the firm in some other way should fail to fulfil all aspects of its contract with the British Government?

Well, the Government would be powerless in the short-term to do anything at all.

The symbol of regained independence would turn out, in practice, to be subject to the vagaries of a foreign conglomerate beyond its control.
By Son Of Hand
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We must have blue! It is the essence of Britishness! It's even in the Union Jack! Whereas red...

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