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By Big Arnold
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When one man set out with his nine-year-old daughter to buy a birthday card he was so appalled by the obscenity on display he decided to act: ROBERT HARDMAN on the father who took on the filth peddlers
A well-known British outlet, Scribbler occupies 36 prime sites, including one at the entrance to a shopping mall near my home
Me neither until this advert
I had asked for a chat with one of the owners but, instead, a spokeswoman contacted me the following day in combative mood.

How, she asked, did the Daily Mail feel entitled to be offended by what Scribbler had on its shelves, given that she herself was offended by the Daily Mail?

Gosh. She didn’t explain if it was our campaign to banish plastic bags or our stance on Brexit.
Round 1 to Scribbler. Racism? Xenophobia? Homophobia?

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... dlers.html
By Andy McDandy
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He argues that the cards are aimed at the easily offended generation snowflake, hence all the offence causing. While taking offence himself.
By youngian
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So he saw the cards and had an idea for a pitch to the Mail.
‘Daddy, what’s a c***?’ my nine-year-old would undoubtedly have asked if she had been standing next to me (she’s very keen on new words at the moment).
You'd tell a nine year old what cunt means as an insult? What's wrong with you?

Wasn't the PC brigade banning saucy cards once a thing with the Mail?
Has he got a huge cock daddy?
By Andy McDandy
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So it's a small but successful company, with relatively few stores. It's not targeted at PLH. It's a free choice whether or not people will buy from there. Generally, you'll only send a risque card to someone you know, and know will appreciate it. Nobody is forcing kids into the store to see words they're likely familiar with and slinging round the playground already.

Really, what is the problem?
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