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By The Red Arrow
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Monday 28 December 2015 by DavyWavy
Norwich City declares bankruptcy after appointing Ed Balls chairman ... -chairman/" onclick=";return false;
By mattomac
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Kreuzberger wrote:
mattomac wrote:I quite like Ed....
A good judge of character, mister. In my opinion.
He bought me a coffee for no real reason and we had a chat about football at one of the conferences.

Anyhow very pleasant guy and while most of the country seemed to love his loss I actually felt for him, of course most of those who hate him seemed to have got it from George's memo.
By D.C. Harrison
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Ed Balls is pictured above at Carrow Road, home of Norwich City FC.

KevS (presumably) supports their rivals, Ipswich Town FC, who won the FA Cup in 1978.

John Wark and Eric Gates both played for the latter team through their "glory years", when managed by Bobby Robson.
By spoonman
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Abernathy wrote:
Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:16 pm
John Wark - the ugliest and most frightening pro footballer who ever kicked a ball.
Ian Dowie surely?
By Cyclist
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Does *every* thread in this forum have to be contaminated with this bloody kickball nonsense? You do know it's only a game, a game which not everybody can bring themselves to give even one shit about?

For those people who find watching 22 vastly overpaid idiots prancing around a field in pursuit of a kiddies beach toy so fascinating, I would like to point out there is a thread for talking about it in the "Off Topic" section.

Thank you for listening
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