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MisterMuncher wrote:
Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:06 pm
Yep. What a huge inconvenience. I'll be thinking of that manner of fucking bell-end when I need a passport to go and get my groceries.
They've already thought of that. You won't need a passport to get your shopping. Post Brexit the economy will be so fucked you won't be able to afford groceries.
Security row over EU Galileo satellite project as Britain is shut out

The development came 24 hours after European commission officials secured support from the 27 member states for their decision to treat the UK like any other non-EU country, despite concerns among some at the high-handed approach of its officials on the issue.
A) We agreed to exclude non-EU countries from Galileo.
B) We voted to be a Non-EU country.
C) We will be a non-EU country. ... ter-brexit
Does Caroline Flint know if there's any difference between her 'turn the tap off and on' immigration policy and Soubry's correct assertion that the market determines labour demand? Nice of Flint to brief Chuka Umunna as to what's on the minds of his anti-FoM Afro-Carribean constituents in Streatham.
Ahead of voting on Lords amendment 51 to the EU withdrawal bill, Laura Smith MP has resigned from her junior shadow cabinet office role and Ged Killen MP, Ellie Reeves MP, Tonia Antoniazzi MP and Anna McMorrin MP have resigned from PPS roles.
2 of those have Welsh constituencies, 1 London and 1 Scottish.

Ged Killen gets that the SNP will take his seat if he doesn't bail out of this nonsense.

Brave by Laura Smith, who has an English working class constituency. Going to need a lot more of those.
From ... s-44440809
It's understood Laura Smith voted against the amendment - she represents a strongly pro-Leave constituency - and the others voted for it.
Northern Ireland having a great day in Parliament, Its comfortable Remain majority have 1 MP, Sylvia Hermon carrying their hopes plus the SDLP on the phone asking Jez to represent them. The Brexit minority has 10 DUP.

I don't know how Sinn Fein are playing this, but it's probably good for them.
Sinn Fein positioning themselves locally as the de facto bosses of a progressive coalition for now, bringing in Alliance, Greens, SDLP and a few strays. It should be well cemented in time to bring back the assembly by letting the DUP think they're getting what they want, then steamrolling them.

SF play chess.
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KevS wrote:
Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:25 pm
Well, I think it's fair to say it's all one huge big apocalypoclusterfuck.

Does ANYONE know what they're doing anymore?

Brexit. Means. Brexit...
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