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What are you getting at Arnold? The old boy had a bad experience with Amazon's unhelpline. The fact it has (eventually) been sorted out doesn't make a bad experience a good one, and if something similar happened to me I'm not sure I wouldn't go to the papers about it either. Crap service like this "system error" and the lack of response from the helpline should be highlighted, not only as a precautionary tale to others, but to publicly let the company know they should be doing better.

Besides which, it's a poor attempt at a sadface.

Off-topic aside: They forgot to tell us how much the motorhome cost.
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Yeah, I'm on the old boy's side there, too. Any financial mistakes that leave a customer out of pocket can be very stressful, it can have a knock-on effect in the short-term regarding other commitments, even if the deep down rationality of your mind knows it will eventually be corrected. Unhelpful customer service adds to the worry, but the bank here should have come in for some criticism too, I feel. It says they "pointed him in the direction of Amazon". In other words "not our problem, guv'nor". The article itself seems half-arsedly written. It doesn't explain how it was resolved, it just says "eventually resolved". I just wonder if he had contacted the fraud department of his bank it may have been swiftly dealt with. If people take more money from your bank than they agree, I would guess it falls under their remit. The article doesn't provide enough detail.
The INFLATABLE speed camera built to save lives... that could put inventor behind bars! Police warn toy-maker he faces SEVEN years in jail if blow-up fake Gatso causes car crash
Image ... meras.html
The only way that causes a car crash is if someone suddenly corrects having up to that point been over the limit. So it's their own fault, really.

(Yes, yes, not the greatest driver in the world, but I finally got my R-plates off this week and can now legally exceed 45mph, so I'm probably still driving like an ould doll with a straw arse)
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