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By Tubby Isaacs
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Here come the recently converted Labour Kippers, who don't believe of what they're saying about Hard Brexit and have to offload responsibility on their constituents. ... membership

I see Gareth Snell- conqueror of Paul Nuttall- has adopted Nuttall's EU policy, because "the spirit of the referendum".
By The Weeping Angel
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:08 pm
Since when was Labour offering a "£12 minimum wage" anyway? It's £10.

Old Bastaani is a proper policy head, isn't he?
What do you expect from someone who can't file his company accounts.
By The Weeping Angel
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Nice to see people have got their priorities sorted. ... -reinstate
Motions in support of the ex-member have also been passed at CLPs including Bath, Brent Central, Hastings and Rye, Stoke Newington, Hove, Croydon Central and Newark in recent weeks.

Mr Wadsworth - who has denied knowing that Ms Smeeth was Jewish when he made the remarks that led to his expulsion - said the support had been "overwhelming" and predicted that more parties would join calls for a rethink.

"I’ve been told of motions in the pipeline in Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Chester, Enfield Southgate, Croydon Central, Streatham and Islington North," he told PoliticsHome.

"There’s a tsunami of outrage building up from the party grassroots over the miscarriage of justice. Members feel it glaringly exposes the fact the current discredited party disciplinary process is unfit for purpose, as Shami Chakrabarti said in her report, and needs to be rapidly overhauled."

The support for Mr Wadsworth was attacked by the centre-left Labour First group, however, with national organiser Matt Pound saying the activist's expulsion had followed "a lengthy investigation process" and represented an "unbelievable” distraction from holding the Conservatives account.

Mr Pound told PoliticsHome: "When you consider the plethora of major issues CLPs could be debating now that we're in our eighth year of Tory government, it is almost unbelievable that any member of the Labour Party would think that debating Mr Wadsworth's expulsion is a worthy item of business.

"The truth is, these tedious motions say more about the tiny cadre of obsessives tabling them than they do about the disciplinary procedures of the Labour Party, or indeed Mr Wadsworth. Thankfully, these people are small in number."
By Cyclist
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Corbyn's fanboyz still struggling with taking antisemitism seriously then. Why don't they just fuck off and join the National Front? I'm sure most of them would be happier there.
By youngian
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Someone's put their hand up for LabourLive; Karie Murphy. She is now busy telling a brewery how to run their business.
Another day, another total headache for the organisers of Labour Live. The latest fiasco from the “politics festival” due to be held this weekend, is that its drinks provider, the Workers Beer Company, will not supply kegs on grounds that the numbers do not justify their order.

Only a reported 3,000 out of 20,000 have sold — leading Workers Beer Company to refuse to supply kegs “as they don’t believe it can be justified based on the projected numbers attending”, a source says.

They have informed Karie Murphy , senior aide to Corbyn, that “beer kegs are used only for high volume bars”, according to the source. Murphy is intimately involved with Labour Live and has “gone to war with the Workers Beer Company over their decision”, says the source, as it’s “her baby”. ... 61926.html
By Tubby Isaacs
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Ian Mearns, continuing to make a complete idiot of himself.
Ian Mearns MP
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While profits made in Britain by European State Operators are sent back from Britain to subsidise their railways and travelling public - Chris Grayling defends expensive last-minute rail fares in the UK
Somebody points out to him that there aren't any profits being sent back. (And in any case, they'd be a tiny proportion of the cost of running those state railways)
an Mearns MP
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3h3 hours ago
Smoke and Mirrors? - They manage these franchises out of the goodness of their heart? Management of revenue streams across the entirety business. Why do they do it then European State controlled businesses altruism to the UK?
As the other bloke points out, we can't mind read. But he suggests that what they're doing is learning how to run a railway that's open to competition (the EU mandates this from 2023). Mearns goes quiet.

I mean, Christ. One of the reasons we admire Germany is that it thinks stuff like this through, and doesn't just chase the easiest money up front. An MP from an ex-industrial seat, Gateshead in Mearns' case, ought to understand this sort of thing. As I always say, you can make a case that a more centralized UK rail system would be more efficient, but at least understand what's happening now.
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