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By Catkins
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In other news the US government has admitted it's now holding 12,800 migrant children in detention, separated from their families. Some of those are going to come out with permanent psychological damage. And given the conditions they are held in, if they have an outbreak of measles or similar many could die.
By Bones McCoy
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Caught details on the radio last night.

North Carolina: Emergency services who evacuated an area are going back by boat to rescue about 200 "Self reliant" types who refused the evacuation order.

So 40 odd emergency workers who are needed elsewhere have to battle through 10 ft flash floods on account of the "I ain't going to no gummint camp" fuckwits.

There will be plenty more examples of this idiocy.
I really hope we don't see any of the under-maintained nursing home tragedies.
By spoonman
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I remember last October when Storm Ophelia hit these shores, two windsurfers in Co. Louth thought it would be a nice idea to ride some waves in the Irish Sea when the whole Republic was under a red weather alert with all schools and most businesses & public services temporarily shut down - funnily enough these two men got into difficulty and the coast guard came out and brought them back to shore.

What the rescuers in the above situation should have been allowed to do is the exact same any first responder having to put their lives on the line to save those of such "survivalists" in the Carolinas who casually ignored mandatory evacuation notices and are now in trouble, calling 911 - namely that once those rescued are out of danger at the earliest opportunity, they should be pinned to the ground with their rescuers repeatedly punching them in the face, whilst hearing angry screams of "You absolute fucking idiot!"
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