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The Mail are still getting themselves into a bit of a frenzy over this whole dildo thing.

Street-Porter and Sarah Vine clearly wasn't enough so the Mail have called in reinforcements and bundled them all up into a single article:

Sex toys at Sainsbury's? Aisle give it a miss, say most of these star Femail writers (but not all!)
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/arti ... t-all.html

No supermarket spices up my life
By Julie Burchill

Spare us sex when shopping
By Sarah Vine

Sarah had to throw this in again:
From people watching pornography on the bus (yes, really)

Cif, sausages and er . . . no thanks!
By Linda Kelsey

What’s all the fuss about?
By Sandra Howard

Trolly folly in tacky sex toys
By Bel Mooney

Let’s live it up in the aisles
By Kitty Dimbleby, Bel’s daughter

I’m no prude, but keep it private
By Rowan Pelling

Again, there's a very simple answer...just don't fucking buy them and get on with your own lives.

But of course, a "think of the children" just HAD to be thrown in there:
What about the moral environment? If one child sees a prettily packaged vibrator in someone’s trolley and asks what it is, that’s one too many.
By Big Arnold
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This could run and run.
Sex toys at Sainsbury's? RICHARD LITTLEJOHN imagines how Mary Whitehouse would react
Liz Jones. I only buy my sex toys at Harrods. Which is why I'm always skint
Ton Utley. I had to ask my two layabout sons how to switch it on.
Peter Hitchens. Sex toys at Sainsbury's? They'll be selling cannabis next.
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