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By Big Arnold
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BREXIT MINDGAMES: Davis FUMES over THAT negotiating photo - ‘It was a SET UP!’
But you ask yourself, who’s the person better briefed, the person who’s got it in their head or the person who’s got a foot of papers in front of them. Eh?”
He added: “Any of my Cabinet colleagues would tell you that our standard rule when the cameramen come into the Cabinet room is we take all the papers off the table, always.”
Then why does the bloke to your right have a black folder in front of him? ... -agreement
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By The Red Arrow
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No such qualms for those potty-mouthed pinkos over at the Guardian.


Boiler wrote:
A Tory MP has suggested using the possibility of food shortages to Ireland in the event of a no-deal Brexit to encourage the EU to drop the backstop. ... 28-Dec2018
Theatening he Irish with a famine. That'll go down well.
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