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By Big Arnold
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I'm sure I wasn't born with the ability to use a rotary dial phone. Or this if it had been part of my childhood.
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By Boiler
Big Arnold wrote:
Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:18 am
I'm sure I wasn't born with the ability to use a rotary dial phone. Or this if it had been part of my childhood.
Central Battery phone. You crank the handle to ring a bell at the exchange, and the battery at the exchange (hence "Central Battery") provides speech current. The operator connects you to the person you wish to speak to.
By Chris S
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Some top comments on an article about millennials going out and spending money
They are trying to impress everyone and living for the moment. You'll want get far with that lifestyle.
I have seen it with coworkers. Living with mom and dad once married but had to have destination bachelorette parties they could not afford. Their friends did the same thing.
Learn to live within your means people. Social media is hell.
I scrimped and saved $15,000 toward a home for a good 5 years. I was very lucky to find a fixer-upper 2br/2ba for exactly that much, with an acre of land. I bought my 1998 Jeep for $800.00. It can be done but you HAVE to make sacrifices. I don't see many millennials taking that challenge. Most don't even want to work.
They would rather have the newest phone every year and the newest laptop and expensive clothes for their fake Instagram life.
It's because they have no concept of deferred gratification. Nor can they possibly understand spending less than they make. Two major fatal flaws.

Some top comments on an article about millennials staying in and watching TV
You can't beat a night with friends down your local. Whilst they look at screens, we used to talk, laugh, swap advice, play pool, snooker, dart and cards. But of course that's living life, not watching it.
I weep for this generation.
I really don't know what went wrong with this generation?
Parents gave way too much freedom to this generation, that they didn't have when they were growing up. Unfortunately it hasn't done them any good! A bunch of PC spoilt moaners that all have a mental illness and can't cope with simple things in life.
Watching TV isn't spending "quality" time.
It's almost like you can't fucking win
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