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By Abernathy
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Yes, I've noticed that the conference composite resolution appears to have taken on the status of holy writ for The Cult, who claim that Corbyn's slippery prevarications mean that he is simply "following party policy as decided at conference"

But the trouble is, it's actually an appalling fudge that allows Corbyn all the leeway he wants to keep kicking the final say referendum option down the road :
If we cannot get a general election Labour must support all options remaining on the table, including campaigning for a public vote.
So Corbyn says that trying to get an early general election is Labour's number one priority, and if we don't manage to magic this up somehow, only then will we even consider any of the other options.

What's the problem with this? Well for one thing, as a few others have pointed out, "we'd like a general election" isn't a policy. It's just being in opposition. Seeking an early election should not block or preclude other avenues of opposition in the way that Corbyn wants it to.

And to make absolutely sure of the stasis he apparently desires until the article 50 clock runs down, Corbyn stresses that he will only table his motion of no confidence in the government (his number one priority, remember?) when he thinks it will succeed. But it cannot succeed. Thanks to Messrs O'Mara, Onasanya, Field, Hopkins and others who have carelessly lost or given up the Labour whip, Labour now has fewer MPs than it had in 2010 - the numbers to carry a no confidence motion simply aren't there, so by Corbyn's own logic he will never table his motion, and Labour will therefore never campaign for a final say referendum.

Rubbing salt in the wound, Corbyn gleefully announces that in the unachievable fantasy early general election, Labour would try to negotiate a better Brexit deal than the one May managed - despite the EU having stressed repeatedly that all negotiation on Brexit is at an end.

Polling indicates that some 80% of Labour members favour the UK remaining in the EU and campaigning for a final say referendum with an option to keep us in the EU.

This isn't leadership from Corbyn. It is mendacious, dissembling claptrap. And an absolute disgrace.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Steve Howell, ex-Corbyn advisor, is saying Luciana Berger said she was happier with a Tory government. Like there's no chance of getting one of those with a general election in which Labour's policy on the most important issue has been laughed out of town by the EU.

But according to Mr Howell, Corbyn making some commitments on worker rights and the environment means he gets a better deal. I think the EU would just say "That's good. Now when you signing that deal we spent 2 years on? Got those Kent lorry parks ready?"
By Abernathy
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She didn't say she'd be happier with a Tory government. She said she wants a Labour government. She simply declined to say whether or not she thought a government headed by PM Corbyn would be good for the UK. Which is understandable.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Looks like another sighting of the "personal view" of pure Brexit bullshit today. I don't know if he knows it's bullshit. But I know he knows exactly what he's doing it making it harder for Labour to get to Remain. If there were a referendum, he could only campaign credibly for Leave. But remember, it's all up to the members!
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