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By Andy McDandy
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Letts with his sophomore jokes and 6th form literary references will go down about as well as Toby Young trying to persuade council estate parents every week to open a free school.

Not being snobby, but Young was talking to an audience that simply don't buy the Sun. Their kids might read it ironically, but not the parents.
By MisterMuncher
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youngian wrote:
Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:28 pm
the columnist all of Fleet Street wanted
That’s not true is it?
I'd quite like to see him in close proximity to a street, preferably after something amusingly slapstick and seriously painful.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun are at a bit of a dead end. They keep ranting about traitors and betrayal but at the same time they don't like May's deal, are scared of a No Deal despite previously championing it and the only suggestion they can make is for May to go back to the EU for concessions even though the EU have said they won't be renegotiating anything.

THE SUN SAYS Europhile Tories’ Brexit games must stop or hapless extremist Jeremy Corbyn will end up in No10

REMAINER plotters just won’t stop.

First they toadied up to preening Speaker John Bercow to try to block a No Deal Brexit. Now they want to cripple the Government entirely in a bid to secure a second referendum.

Their outrageous plan to seize control of all Commons business would be nothing short of a coup.

No wonder Theresa May admits the rebels are closer than ever to stopping Brexit entirely as her deal flounders.

It’s time for the PM to listen to the Tory big beasts urging her to return to Brussels this week and make it clear Britain is ready to leave without a deal.

The plan has the support of her DUP allies, and could be her last chance to rescue her divided Government.

Because if the Conservatives don’t pull together, they risk the biggest disaster of all — a Jeremy Corbyn government.

The cynical Marxist will do anything to get power — even though he STILL can’t tell us what his Brexit policy is.

Yesterday Corbyn refused five times to say whether or not Labour actually wants to leave the EU at all.

If Europhile Tories don’t stop their game-playing NOW, they’ll hand this hapless extremist the keys to No10.

The anti Nanny State Sun have discovered that you can buy drones from a petrol station near to Heathrow so are now calling for a ban on the sale of them:

Droning on

IT beggars belief that the authorities still don’t know how to stop future drone attacks after the Gatwick debacle.

Chris Grayling, the bungling Transport Secretary, claims Britain is a pioneer in the field — yet at the same time admits the technology needed to deal with the problem simply doesn’t exist.

Surely the least they can do is crack down on the sale of drones in shops right next to airports.

We can’t risk Britain grinding to a halt every time an idiot with a fancy toy decides to make mischief.
By SoulBoy
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:03 pm

The anti Nanny State Sun have discovered that you can buy drones from a petrol station near to Heathrow so are now calling for a ban on the sale of them:

Droning on

IT beggars belief that the authorities still don’t know how to stop future drone attacks after the Gatwick debacle.

Chris Grayling, the bungling Transport Secretary, claims Britain is a pioneer in the field — yet at the same time admits the technology needed to deal with the problem simply doesn’t exist.

Surely the least they can do is crack down on the sale of drones in shops right next to airports.

We can’t risk Britain grinding to a halt every time an idiot with a fancy toy decides to make mischief.

How will preventing people from buying a drone from a petrol station near Gatwick help? Isn't there a clue in the whole "petrol station" thing that suggests that proximity might not be a problem?

And how has the "technology needed to deal with the problem" not existing ever been a blocker? Can't they use the same tech that will maintain the invisible Irish border?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun have always remained very quiet about the awkward fact a large number of their readers are pro Russia and Putin. Now they can accuse Lefties of it they're being very vocal:

Kremlin dupes

WHAT a surprise. Young lefties have queued up to be the useful idiots in ­Britain-bashing propaganda films being secretly funded by the Kremlin.

Russia cannot believe its luck finding so many unwitting hard-left posers eager to spew out their grudges and aid its campaign to destabilise the West.

One is pretend journalist Owen Jones — a dim, breathtakingly unpleasant and hypocritical troll who criticises the morality of others while campaigning to install Jeremy Corbyn, the anti-Semitic terrorists’ stooge, in Downing Street.

The same Corbyn who made money on the state channel of Iran’s monstrously oppressive and homophobic rulers.

Odd how the left-wing mob, who hold to a childlike view of politics as a simple battle between good and evil, never seem to worry they’re on the wrong side.

The PM needs more than a promise from EU, maybe it will come after her defeat

IF the EU hadn’t repeatedly boasted that it now had us over a barrel, yesterday’s last-gasp letter from Juncker and Tusk might have carried some weight with MPs.

Why would we trust Brussels now?

Its earnest promises that the Irish backstop would only be temporary are not legally binding — and Theresa May will still lose heavily tonight.

This destruction of good faith is the EU’s fault.

Immediately after the PM made her deal, President Macron bragged that Brussels would now blackmail us over fishing rights.

EU chief Martin Selmayr reportedly said “losing Northern Ireland was the price the UK would pay for Brexit”.

Brussels has told EU members the deal would shackle us to its laws for years.

Their motivation all along was to punish Britain — and they’re lining up more for the future trade talks.

Mrs May needs more than a promise. Maybe it will come after her defeat.

Tory wrecker

TORY liar Dominic Grieve is setting fire to our Parliament and democracy.

Here is a man who promised voters in 2017 that the referendum verdict “must be respected” and any fears that Parliament would thwart it “were entirely misplaced”. He meant none of it.

Parliament is not only plotting to thwart Brexit, Grieve is behind it.

Always a rabid Remainer, he is the architect of a sickening ruse to strip the Government of power and halt Brexit.

It is an act of naked contempt for 17.4million ordinary people. An attempt by a sneering elite to nullify their decision so the “right people” can get their way.

They are saying: democracy is worthless. Your votes only count if we agree.

Anyone in Cabinet backing this insanity should be fired. They would destroy Brexit and gift power to Corbyn.

We have never seen any political act as dangerous.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Possibly slightly less unhinged than I expected. It's still everyone else's fault, though.

THE SUN SAYS Reluctantly we must batten down the hatches and set course for a No Deal exit

IT is a monumental, historic and ­catastrophic defeat. Yet somehow Theresa May is still standing.

If nothing else her resilience and determination are admirable and remarkable.

And if her Government also survives Labour’s no-confidence vote today, as it should, she still has the faintest glimmer of hope: To return to Brussels and tell them it’s now or never for a legally-binding concession she can sell to the DUP and Tory backbenchers.

Even then, the scale of defeat looks insurmountable.


And the EU is vanishingly unlikely to help: It has wanted a second referendum all along and now believes it’s coming.

Mrs May’s dramatic Commons speech in favour of her Withdrawal Agreement was well crafted and delivered, a stark contrast to the gripes Jeremy Corbyn read falteringly from his script.

But The Sun could never have supported the deal as it stands.

It had only one thing going for it: That it would ensure our departure on March 29 and finally end the long, shameful campaign by a Remainer hardcore to reverse our referendum verdict.

It was almost worth backing for the chance of finally uniting the nation, grudgingly perhaps, around a settled position.

But to us and many MPs it was neither right nor sustainable to hand the EU so much power over our nation’s future. To allow Brussels, if it wanted, to keep us bound hand and foot forever in the Irish backstop, unable to forge our own independent trading policy.

It would rapidly have become clear to the Leave majority that their decision, while nominally honoured, had been sold down the river. That we had not truly left the EU and maybe never would.

More practically it all but guaranteed the collapse of the minority Tory Government since, if it had somehow passed, the DUP would have withdrawn their support.

The Government was always going to lose heavily. The discredited Commons speaker John Bercow ensured it by refusing to select any amendments to the Bill that might have helped narrow the margin of defeat.

It was another low for a man who has already brought disgrace to his historic office by abusing his powers to help engineer the destruction of Brexit. Parliament will be a better place without him.

But let’s not pretend it would have made much difference. The deal was fatally flawed.

Mrs May’s response to the vote last night was feisty — challenging Parliament to find a viable alternative that could win a majority and honour the ­referendum. No one has a clue what that would be.

And her call for MPs to “listen to the British people” was dead right.

Outside Westminster, the public just wants Brexit done. They are aghast at the political games.

The Sun reluctantly believes we must head for a clean break, finalise preparations as best we can and batten down the hatches.

We never wanted a No Deal. It would mean a tough and probably damaging few months. But it would be the only solution left which defends what should now be paramount and most precious to us all: Our democracy — and the public’s faith in it.

None of the alternatives does that. They neither honour the referendum, nor are possible to sustain.

They are all damaging in their own way. Yet our Remainer-dominated Parliament will fight tooth and nail to secure one of them and thwart a clean break, in direct conflict with millions of voters.

The Norway-Plus proposal, however its champions spin it, is EU membership without the voting rights. No independent trade ­policy. No end to free movement.

It is a short-term Remainers’ Brexit which would lead to only one ­conclusion: A new and irresistible clamour to exit properly.

Another Tory idea is to lure Labour support by offering the permanent customs union they want with the EU, abandoning all thoughts of independent trade. It is a potentially suicidal idea which could destroy their Party and put Corbyn’s Marxists in power.

Then there’s the toxic second referendum which would upend our democracy, shatter trust in politicians for all time and burst fully open our national divisions.

Its only upside is that Leave would probably win again. Plenty of the more sensible Remainers have seen through the EU now — and dislike the blatant unfairness of overriding a democratic mandate before it has been enacted.

But what would the question be? Remain versus a deal already now rejected by a monstrous Commons majority as bad for Britain?

And what if Remain DID win? It is staggeringly naive to imagine that would settle it. Why should Leavers accept it? The wounds would never heal.

Labour appears almost ready now to buckle to its europhile members and back that second vote — and its betrayal of millions of left-leaning Leave voters will finally be complete.

Shadow Cabinet ministers are already teeing it up, laughably attempting to deflect blame by claiming Tory failure gives them no option. Don’t believe a word.

The Tories have dedicated nearly three years trying to see Brexit through while Labour have tried to thwart every effort and their Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer has secretly lobbied relentlessly for a ​new referendum.

Labour will own every ounce of the betrayal their working-class voters will feel — and will richly deserve the ballot box backlash.

Mrs May has had the hardest task of any Prime Minister since Winston Churchill, trying to fulfil the Brexit mandate with no majority in a Parliament stuffed with Remainers, some colluding with the EU to sabotage her position.

Even so, her handling of it has been a woeful failure.

She is clinging to power by her fingernails. And only a fool would predict now what happens to her, her Government, Brexit or Britain.
By Andy McDandy
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Never wanted No Deal? Absolute bollocks, they were cheering on a clean break with no ties to the EU and Britain standing proud and all that jazz. That was, when they weren't crowing that leaving the EU *didnt* mean abandoning the customs union, until they decided that was a bad thing.

The Sun's position has changed constantly throughout the last 30 months, depending on whatever crap they printed the day before being shown to be demonstrably false. Fuck 'em.
By Boiler
Trouble is, you can't apply it selectively. And the ones who stand to benefit the most from No Deal will be cushioned by their wealth from the impact.

Misery is for the little people.
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