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By Son Of Hand
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Oh for the innocent days of my childhood, when the Star had a different name and Dennis The Menace was always the front page story.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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Kreuzberger wrote:
Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:59 pm
Why would a fading, septuagenarian popstar be within a million miles of a ball boys' dressing room?
Well someone has to check that they've got their shorts on the right way round. Allegedly.

FWIW I doubt that Cliff is much interested in young boys - isn't he too repressed by religion and guilt?
By Big Arnold
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The Rock says Daily Star fabricated 'snowflake' criticism

Tabloid quoted actor Dwayne Johnson as saying millennials are ‘putting us backwards’

The Daily Star has yet to comment on whether the interview was fabricated, but has now taken it offline. ... ne-johnson
By Kreuzberger
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The Star, which used the piece to assert that “the UK is mourning the death of comedy due to humourless crowds demanding no risky jokes”...
Risky? Illiterate fuck wits.
By SoulBoy
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The Rock is worth more than the Mirror paid for the Star and Express titles, I assume that when he lawyers up the papers quickly stand down.

Being The Rock I'd assume that, rather than going down the legal route, he instead offered to take a copy of the Daily Star, shine it up real nice, twist it sideways and stick it straight up their candy-asses.
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What a horrible, nasty little rag this is. Apparently a former EastEnders actress "now works as a security guard at B & M". I noticed this because a FB friend commented on the article that the Star had put on it's FB page and it appeared in my feed, as occasionally does when FB friends comment on things. Anyway, they are obviously inviting bullying and condescending comments (my friend commented "good for her, it's a job" as most normal people think). The root of all evil isn't money, it's the gutter press. What kind of people ridicule someone getting a job??
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By Bones McCoy
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Is it even news that acting is a precarious profession, and many actors find temporary jobs between assignments.

Here's something far more shocking:
Promising literature graduate reduced to penning made-up shit for low-rent scandal rag.
Possibly struck a raw note with me since #2 son has landed a few film and TV acting jobs.
The work is intermittent so he also manages shifts at a pub, works for a supermarket and a show shop.
All on a casual zero-hour basis.

That'll be 4+ new jobs the miracle economy has created this year.
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I wish your son well, Bones. It's a tough life. Well not really because it's as black and white as the gutter press tell us, surely. You get a job that's right and proper in white-van-Ingurland-supporting-land innit? Like driving white vans like all hard men do! Wiv the good ol' Daily Star on the dashboard.

I'd love to know how many new starters at the Star (and others) have told their immediate boss to fuck off, when getting asked to write scurrilous shit. I bet a few have, but we'll never know.

With the benefit of 4 plus decades life experience on this planet, I would truly rather be homeless than write for a tabloid.
By Andy McDandy
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They paint a picture of any life in showbiz being all glitz and glamour, while the reality, as with any other creative profession, is that it's that at the top, and lots of precarious donkey work lower down.

They also, through the constant obsession with "stars", create a view that the showbiz lifestyle is the ne plus ultra, the holy grail, so why would anyone willingly give it up?
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