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By Big Arnold
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Brexit deal faces COURT BATTLE - Lord Trimble claims plan breaches Good Friday Agreement

THE GOVERNMENT is being taken to court by the architect of the Good Friday Agreement who claims the hated backstop breaks the landmark deal which secured peace in Northern Ireland.[/size]
Me neither. Both the backstop and GFA mean an open border. ... -agreement
By Daley Mayle
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'It's not our fault we've spent two years negotiating a deal with the EU, agreed it in Cabinet, put it to Parliament, had our collective ass whooped, then voted against that agreement a couple of weeks later. It's the EU's. Bastards!'
Describing the ball as being “firmly in the EU’s court”, Chris Grayling insisted that it was now down to Michel Barnier and fellow negotiators to compromise or face an economic cliff edge.

“We have taken to our parliament the deal reached in November and our parliament has said no,” he said.

“We want to work with the EU to reach a deal but if they are not prepared to do that – they will have to take responsibility that we are heading towards a no-deal exit.

“If they are not willing to compromise, if they’re not willing to work with us to find common ground – it will be down to them if there is no deal.”
By mattomac
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Maybe move your red lines, Tusk has even said that the EU could reopen talks if those red lines were wiped but no, they won’t, this is the best deal that can be offered, it goes back to the jokey metaphor about May cancelling her Gym membership and then wanting to still go to the gym.
By cycloon
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I have compiled a list of, so far, 10 core Brexit paradoxes/problems of a fundamental nature:
1) We have no sovereignty; any deal is an inexcusable loss of sovereignty;
2) The EU shackles us; we can be strong as we are the world's 5th largest economy;
3) It's common sense to be ideologically zealous;
4) We are bullied by the EU; we can forge new relationships with no trouble;
5) We are bullied by the EU; we are strong;
6) Our history is glorious and fundamentally relevant at all times to all political discussions; others' histories are meaningless;
7) Nobody voted for the Blitz;
8) Appropriating the experiences of wartime for a self-inflicted economic headshot is an abuse of the past supposedly venerated - they suffered through others' evil, we will suffer, in a far less fatal way, through our own conceit - these are not the same experiences;
9) Going solo is better than collective bargaining in a world dominated by either far greater solo players or collective bargaining;
10) We want to take back control; we bear no responsibility for anything.
Anyone get any to add?
By Catkins
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We will trade with the Commonwealth; we expect to have good relations with people we used to literally own.
We will continue have good relationships with European countries; unless we burn every existing relationship and deal to the ground in a Year Zero conflagration we will still be too tied to Europe.
By The Rationalist
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We want to keep out young healthy foreigners who pay taxes and we want to bring back unhealthy old people from the Costas who will add to our heath and social care costs

We want to keep out Johnny Foreigner but as a pre-condition of some trade deals (e.g. India), they want to make it easier for Johnny Foreigner (particularly darker versions) to get visas
By Big Arnold
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We want to control our borders with the EU apart from the one with Ireland, which for reasons nobody knows, is somehow not a border with the EU.
I have this mental image of a Brexiter fixing all but one of 28 holes in a bucket, and wondering why it still leaks.
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