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But if we wanted to match Tusk’s juvenile rhetoric, we might speculate that Satan’s flames are more likely to consume an unaccountable elite whose ideology condemned millions across the continent to long-term unemployment.
The Sun says: Thatcher, go to Hell
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun still reckons Leave would win a second referendum.

But why risk rolling the dice?
:lol: Sure looks like only feel the need to remind your readers (and yourselves?) of that on a weekly basis.

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg must think hard about voting down PM’s Brexit deal concessions as chaos may follow

IF Tory backbench eurosceptics want to ensure Brexit happens they must get real.

The Irish backstop won’t be “binned”. The “Malthouse compromise” is too late.

The best they can hope for is a legally-binding tweak allowing us to leave the hated backstop and ensuring Britain and Northern Ireland are not divided.

Rejecting her deal won’t bring about the No Deal many want. We believe a majority of MPs and half the Cabinet will blow up the Government and Brexit before they let that happen.

The result COULD be Mrs May agreeing to Corbyn’s idiotic demand for permanent Customs Union membership. But we can’t believe she’ll do that either.

It would rip the Tories in two, as Labour aides calculate, as well as being an insane surrender of our sovereignty and future economic independence and a betrayal of Leave ­voters. Small wonder Brussels was so keen on it yesterday.

All of which leaves what? A postponement on March 29, terrible damage to the Tories and a possible second referendum tearing the country apart.

Some have written off the “people’s vote” mob already. Not us.

So Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rest must think hard. Vote down whatever legal concession the PM secures and chaos may follow.

The Sun still reckons Leave would win a second referendum.

But why risk rolling the dice?

BRITAIN’S economic forecasts may be poor — but they still beat Germany’s and Italy’s

So the economic forecasts are no longer "Project Fear?

Let us thrive

BRITAIN’S economic forecasts may be poor — but they still beat Germany’s and Italy’s. And that is truly remarkable.

It is a testament to this country that any firm wants to invest here while we have no idea what our future will look like in just seven weeks.

Not to mention while millions still want a Marxist Labour Government committed to an economic model that has left Venezuelans scavenging from bins.

Imagine the tsunami of money and new jobs once a Brexit deal is done — and if the threat of Corbyn’s wrecking ball is lifted.

Rein them in

THE morally bankrupt tech giant Instagram finally promises to remove graphic images of self-harm.

So much for Nick Clegg, new PR man for the site’s owners Facebook, cravenly defending them just days ago.

It is shameful it took the threat of a ban or a new regulator. The damage done was surely obvious years ago. But Instagram only acted after the suicide of 14-year-old Molly Russell, a firestorm of criticism and Government intervention.

Chief Adam Mosseri admits: “We have not been as focused as we should have.” No kidding.

Regulation cannot come soon enough. They are out of control.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Skive protest

SHAME on the MPs backing today’s mass school truancy dressed up as a “climate strike”. What is the point of it?

Britain has cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 42 per cent since 1990, faster than almost every other major nation, even as they have risen globally.

Yet schoolkids nationwide will walk out over “an alarming lack of Government leadership” on climate change.

It is politically-motivated drivel.

You’d expect the Green Party to support it. They’d love to scrap air and road travel and grow all Britain’s food on allotments (which, even if we did, would have almost no effect on the global climate).

But why is the ambitious Lib-Dem MP Layla Moran, a former teacher, irresponsibly indulging this naïve protest and encouraging kids to skive off?

School heads are right to be furious.

So Dam rude

WHAT possesses leaders of our supposed allies to casually abuse Britain?

Holland is a fabulous place. We share much with the Dutch. Yet their PM Mark Rutte belittles us as “a weakening country on the wane . . . too small to appear on the world stage on its own”.

What a time he has picked, with the EU facing recession and a populist uprising, to try to talk up staying in it. And what damage he and other leaders do to the goodwill between us with their constant attacks on our Brexit decision.

Can anyone imagine Theresa May mocking Holland’s prospects? Of course not.
By youngian
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Holland is a fabulous place. We share much with the Dutch.
Like tacky tax haven wheezes so the Sun doesn't have to pay a penny in corporation tax towards for Our Boys or anything else.
Yet their PM Mark Rutte belittles us as “a weakening country on the wane . . . too small to appear on the world stage on its own”. What a time he has picked,

Yeh what a time as China has cancelled trade talks with mighty Blighty after Private Pike mouths off with gunboat diplomacy to impress Sun readers. Its your own time your wasting.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS We must continue preparing for a managed No Deal clean break from the EU – we have nothing to fear

THERESA May MUST secure legally watertight concessions on the backstop if she hopes to get her deal through.

If the Government try to pull the wool over the public’s eyes with wishy-washy words from Brussels negotiators, there will be hell to pay.

Jeremy Wright yesterday seemed to suggest the Government would be happy with an IOU and a handshake — but if he thinks MPs or voters will be fooled, he’s deluded.

We have said that those who believe in Brexit should, if the PM secures legitimate changes to the backstop, back her deal to ensure we leave on March 29.

But if those cast-iron concessions aren’t forthcoming, we must continue preparing for a managed clean break from the EU. We have nothing to fear.

This weekend we saw the apocalyptic scenarios dreamed up by Remainers, of grounded planes and massive tailbacks on our roads, are straight-up rubbish.

There is plenty of Brexit fatigue but it’s worth remembering that — deal or no deal — we have a bright future ahead.

Bride and fume

WE have no sympathy for jihadi bride Shamima Begum.

She has shown no remorse, offered no apology, and seems to be totally unfazed by Islamic State’s barbarity.

Her brass neck is staggering, and it’s equally astounding she thinks she deserves a shred of pity from the British people.

She has yet to convince us that she isn’t a threat to the UK.

The Government must look at every legal avenue to ensure that she never sets foot in the UK again.


THE Speaker John Bercow has allowed a bullying culture to grow unchecked in the Houses of Parliament.

It now seems his handpicked Serjeant At Arms is one of the worst offenders. Will the Speaker take responsibility? Or just carry on, shameless as ever?

The other group of people who should be held accountable, of course, are the Remain MPs who turn a blind eye to Bercow’s incompetence because they believe he can help wreck Brexit.

They should hang their heads in shame.

Game theory

IT’S a sign of the times that kids are more likely to hurt themselves on their Xbox than by exploring the great outdoors.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds is one of many calling for kids to spend more time away from their screens.

We heartily back his call — and schools and parents alike should listen.

We reckon climbing trees is a lot more character-building than playing Fortnite.
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