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By Boiler
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:35 am
Yup, the aristo-Trots are getting their way.
It is strange how people with money and/or well-paid jobs are so supportive of this brand of Socialism, isn't it?

p.s. Nicking "Aristo-Trots".
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By Tubby Isaacs
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The real issues.
Jeremy Corbyn has said poverty and climate change are far greater priorities for Labour and the country than Brexit.

In advance excerpts of a speech to the Scottish Labour conference, Corbyn said his party was not “obsessed by constitutional questions like the others are. We’re obsessed with tackling the problems people face in their daily lives.”

In what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to shift the focus away from his party’s deep divisions over Brexit, Corbyn said the greatest challenge posed to the UK was global warming.
Save this stuff for when you visit the West Midlands. It doesn't wash in 62% Remain Scotland.
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