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By Oblomov
I preferred this point when Stewart Lee made it in reference to BDSM activities in 1930s rural Worcestershire.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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who will never know what it feels like to enjoy a piece of avocado on toast without posting a picture online, or sit on a beach without taking a selfie

Just stock phrases and lazy cliches. This sort of bollocks is churned out by every single Mail columnist writing about social issues. The fact the vast majority of people who eat a piece of avocado don't post photos of it, or people sunbathing don't take selfies, is simply ignored for the good of the "good old days" narrative.
By Big Arnold
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And while I recognise it has downsides, too — data breaches, fake news, online pornography, bullying and so on — I still think that, on balance, I would rather have it than not.
Ah yes. The good old days when schoolkids swapped porn on floppy disks.
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