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I remember being eight and taking pennies to school in an envelope for earthquake victims in Italy.

I remember being thirteen and being stopped in the car with my dad in the Pyrenees, and being ordered out at gunpoint by Franco's thugs.

I remember being fifteen and reading Andersch's vivid description of Rerik and thinking I would never be allowed to get within a hundred miles.

I remember being twenty-two and getting drunk and high enough to muster enough bravado to take the piss out of the guards at Warschauer Brücke.

I remember my first trip on the Channel Tunnel ferry train.

I remember the first commercial I shot in Prague.

I remember the day my son earned his masters in Amsterdam.

I remember the day we moved our business base from London to Tallin.

I remember the day I met the woman who will marry me this year.

I could go on.

Admire the E.U.? I fucking adore it!
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I adore the EU as well, or at least the bits of it I frequent.

I like being a citizen and not a subject.

I like being surrounded by tolerant, grown up people.

I like peace.
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:08 pm
I like being a citizen and not a subject.
We haven't been 'subjects' since 1948, thanks to the British Nationality Act of that year. Just thought I'd mention that, mon ami.
I do not see a problem with a federal Europe to be honest.

I think the US has a real problem with republicans filling the courts with conservative judges. Basically ignoring significant sections of the electorate, which is a fairly new thing in US politics. Pluralism is suffering.

I think the EU is actually more pluralist than the US at the moment.

Any federal government really needs to start out with a clear constitution that places limits on its and states' powers. It also needs to delegate what the federal government's powers are and what states' powers are.

The legislative branch of that government must not concede too much power to the fucking executive branch also. Fucking building a wall is a national emergency... harumph....
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