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By Bones McCoy
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Vigsø, Nordjylland, Denmark: The battery at Vigsø was built to protect the gun positions in Hanstholm. The artillery at Hanstholm featured four huge 38cm (15in) guns similar to the ones fitted to Bismarck-class battleships. They could fire a 495kg (0.5-tonne) projectile 55km (34 miles), or a 800kg (0.8-tonne) shell 42km (26 miles) at a rate of one every 90 minutes
It goes on: Likely rate of fire is one per 90 seconds, unless they have a clockwork shell hoist.

Note how the 15" gun shells form this caption are lighter than the 6" gun shells from my previous post.
Remember when your schoolteachers used to say "Don't just copy stuff from the textbook".
By SoulBoy
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It's a metaphor for THAT?!' Canadian singer Bryan Adams squirms when it's implied his hit song 'Summer of 69' is about oral sex during VERY awkward interview on New Zealand talk show ... nd-TV.html

Who's Adam?
Placing his glass of water down on the table, Adam confessed: 'It's not about the year... It's a metaphor. I never said 1969
Cheekily grinning, Adam said after a short silence: 'It's a metaphor for a great summer.'
By SoulBoy
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Currently on the DM front page, although the article has been corrected.

Bo Selecta star's row over flow selector: Craig David angers neighbours by installing four noisy air conditioning units on the roof of his £6m North London home

Who knew that Craig David played himself on Bo Selecta, rather than Leigh Francis?
By SoulBoy
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Hilarious blunders by quiz show contestants include not knowing what date Christmas Day falls on - but how many can YOU get right? ... ealed.html

One more than the Daily Mail.

1. The Romans

2. Protecting the environment

3. Doughnut

4. Emma

5. Marinara

6. Climate

7. 25th December

8. Mahatma

9. Beach ball

10. June

11. Green

12. Dave

13. Quill

14. Goat
I think you'll find the answer is Mohandas.
By Abernathy
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Andy McDandy wrote:
Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:27 pm
It's a title, equivalent of "great teacher" or something like that.
Correct. "Mahatma" is indeed an honorific title, not Ghandi's name.
By SoulBoy
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The five words you should never use in a job interview - and the four-step method to follow that will guarantee you the job ... e-job.html
Instead, try the STAR method - Situation, Action, Task, Results - in interviews
It is literally spelled out for them but they still get it wrong.
By Cyclist
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Sorry SoulBoy, maybe I'm stoopid or sunfink, but I don't see what you're getting at. Having just read the article, it seems to be good advice (Even the Fail must have its stopped-clock moments). OK, word number 5 is actually a three-word phrase, but I'm willing to let that pass.

It's basically explaining why you shouldn't use the 5 listed words (or 4 words and a phrase, if you wish to be pedantic) in job interviews, and giving a brief 4-step guide to structuring your answers to interviewers questions.

Where does the "Reasonably epic Fail" come in?
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