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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:08 pm
Portillo sounds like he's gone downhill in the last few years too. Is he at his mid 90s nadir yet?

He deployed the SAS to Brussels last year but he now sounds like a general surveying Operation Market Garden.
Alan Sugar has been having an entirely normal one recently.

He's come across as one of the most awful "fuck you got mine" boomers I've ever seen on twitter, which is quite a high bar.

Messed up that he was ever a Labour lord. He clearly doesn't embody the interests of the working class. I get that he obviously bought his way in, but it's sad that our party ever let that happen.
Labour Lords I'd like to lump with a lamprey?

Although I thought he was an independent these days?
Thanks for the meaningful contribution to the thread malco.

Given a seat in lords during the reign of Blair or Brown. Another fantastic relic of Labour centrism.
Burgon is appalling. In his chosen trade of politics, he is simply a shocking liabilty.

Every time he makes a media appearance, I inwardly despair. As I do each time that Diane Abbott appears, or the dreadful Rebecca Long-Bailey, or even, god bless him, little Barry Gardner.

With very few exceptions (Angela Rayner is in the stupid-but-saveable category) the entire Labour front bench is utterly devoid of both talent and charisma.
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