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By Boiler
Andy McDandy wrote:
Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:08 pm
Reasons to have those plates: vanity, fooling ANPR, or both.
On my voyages up and down the A1 I see a Mercedes where the plates have practically become body-coloured to the car and barely visible: many cars (mostly German) where the front number plate has "fallen off" so as to give a "clean front-end" (it's often in the windscreen); the usual mis-spaced/cleverly placed screw caps to change one letter into another.

I liked the Viz letter/Top Tip - avoid the expense of personal number plates by changing your name to that of the car.

YCE 314T.
My hard rockin' lifestyle involves waiting at a bus stop, where to alleviate the boredom, I attempt to spot three letter words on the number plates of passing cars. Well, yesterday I spotted 'URN'. Exciting enough, you might think, but the very next car that sped past was sporting a 'POT' plate. What are the odds on that, eh?

Er...carry on, chaps.
I don't get the Express's angle on this. I would have thought they would have gone for 'Young people disobey motoring laws to avoid fines'.
Perhaps the journo got a fine for an illegal plate
Anyway it doesn't stop their SYBs from being racist, this is the highest rated:
A racist twat wrote: Amazed they were pulled over in the first place I thought these guys were from the untouchable Comoooonity?
By Big Arnold
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Sat nav WARNING: Police warn drivers about this simple mistake which could land you a fine
POLICE officers are warning
A simple mistake to Expressites is rank stupidity to everyone else. ... on-mistake
The sub-head to that article:
POLICE officers are warning motorists about a simp;e mistake which could alan them a hefty fine among other punishments.
I then spotted this example of the Benchmark of Quality:
You could be handed a £200 fine and six penalty points if you use a mobile phone while in the passenger seat of a car.

Mobile phone driving laws were introduced in December 2003 which saw motorists hated a £60 fine for an offence before rising to £100 in 2013.

Fines for this offence increased to £200 and six penalty points in 2017, to further act as a stronger deterrent for motorists.

This is if you are supervising a learner driver on a lesson. The reason for this is that the person instructing a learner driver is legally responsible for the car and road laws that would typically apply to the driver.

What this means that it is illegal for the past ear to touch their phone if they are supervising a learner.
Could have fooled me. ... ldnt-sleep
Which national newspaper is edited by a lifelong Labour supporter who voted remain, wants to promote the positive impact migration has on the UK, thinks Brexit is going badly, and has pledged to do all they can to fight Islamophobia?

The answer is the Daily Express, the once-mighty tabloid newspaper that over the last two decades has become associated with barely veiled racism, a relentless campaign for Britain to leave the EU, and an obsession with Princess Diana.

“The Express was undoubtedly anti-immigrant, despite the fact that without immigration we would not have a National Health Service,” said Gary Jones, who took over the editor’s chair last March and appears to have recanted almost everything for which his publication was known.

He said he was horrified after searching for Daily Express front pages on Google shortly after accepting the job, only to see headlines such as: “At last! May gets tough on migrants!”, “How migrants snatched our homes”, and “Britain’s 40% surge in ethnic numbers.”

“I just couldn’t sleep,” he said. “People had collated every front page which was anti-immigrant. It was certainly Islamophobic. This was not representative of the kind of society I think we should be.”
By Boiler
Big Arnold wrote:
Tue May 07, 2019 10:25 am
Bad news for Express readers.
Millions of motorists would back BAN on drivers over 60 from the road in Britain ... uk-over-60
What cockwomble suggested that?!
By Big Arnold
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Electric car owners forced to take ’shocking risks’ to charge their vehicles

It revealed that a shocking 74 per cent believe that a lack of public charging points near their home has led them to use domestic multi-socket extension leads, not suitable for outdoor use, to charge from the mains in their home.
That's not the point. Domestic extension cables aren't meant to carry the current needed to charge an electric car which is only just under what a 13amp circuit can supply. You're advised to have your wiring checked first. ... r-risks-UK
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