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Oblomov wrote:
Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:58 am
I'd say it ought to be an ironic humiliation for the Brexiteers that companies relocate to "unremarkable" places like the low counties ("name me a famous Belgian!" used to be a favourite of pub bores some time ago) rather than stick around in ING-ER-LUND but I guess that to someone in Doncaster, London might as well be Amsterdam.
When I used to see big groups of "northerners"for events in London they always seemed to be having a good time, with negligible beer lariness. They weren't all crying into beer about "fookin gay multiculturalism" or whatever.

Adjust the leave vote in run down places for demographics (old people, Tories) and I wonder how much of a "take that, London" effect there really was among Labour voters.
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In news that is in absolutely no way relevant into how a European democratic country conducts letting the result of a referendum stand when the conduct of an official party involved it is less than honest...

Swiss court orders historic referendum re-run
The result of a nationwide referendum has been overturned for the first time in modern Switzerland's history.

The poll, held in February 2016, asked the country's voters whether married couples and co-habiting partners should pay the same tax.

Voters rejected the proposal, with 50.8% against and 49.2% in favour.

But the supreme court has now voided the result on the grounds that voters were not given full information, and the vote must be re-run.

The information provided to the electorate was "incomplete" and therefore "violated the freedom of the vote", the court ruled.

Switzerland's direct democracy system frequently allows citizens to take part in decision-making.

During the referendum campaign, the Swiss government told voters just 80,000 of married couples were paying more tax than couples living together.

The true figure was almost half a million, the government later said.
Germany's Heute Show has another look at Brexit after May's granted a "Flextension" last week, clip on YouTube mit Englische Untertitel. Mood: just fuck off already!

ACHTUNG!: Contains footage of Mark François.

The latest Observer/Opinium poll on Brexit has been released. ... -says-poll

More than half the public – 55% – now think it would have been better never to have held the EU referendum given the difficulties of reaching an agreement

More Conservative voters (49%) now think the referendum was a bad idea than believe it was the right thing to have done (43%).

Among Labour supporters, 72% believe it would have been better never to have staged the vote, while 18% say it was worthwhile.

Support for Nigel Farage’s new party and Labour stands level at 28% – double that for the Conservatives, on 14%. The pro-remain Liberal Democrats and ChangeUK parties both stand on 7%, while the Greens are on 6%, the SNP 5%, Ukip 3% and Plaid Cymru 1%.

If a second referendum were held between the options of leaving the EU on the prime minister’s deal or remaining in the EU, 46% say they would vote to remain (unchanged on a fortnight ago) while 34% would vote to leave (down 4%).

I wonder if Seamus will read/believe it.
UK's Brexit obsession will diminish country, says UN poverty expert
The United Nations global poverty expert, Philip Alston, has warned that Britain’s preoccupation with Brexit will leave the country severely diminished whether or not it leaves the EU because too little is being done to alter policies driving people deeper into poverty. ... rty-expert
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