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By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS: Terror sites

IMAGINE if newspapers gave terrorists a platform to stoke violence.

Or, immediately after a mass suicide bombing, they spread false conspiracy theories guaranteed to inflame tensions.

Or if, weeks after a massacre, their websites still streamed horrific first-person footage filmed by the gunman.

Imagine, too, if they provided a platform for baseless scaremongering alleging the dangers of routine childhood vaccinations, and the worldwide death rate from measles then soared.

Those papers would rightly face massive penalties. Yet social media giants get away with feebly protesting that they can still police themselves.

The long-term answer must be effective regulation, as it is for any other publisher.

Lefties may hate Trump but he’s our guest, ally, and leader of the free world

ANOTHER week, another reason for thousands of smug, virtue-signalling middle-class lefties to take a day off work and instead attend another bloody protest in London.

Hell, they’ve had a busy few months of it. Anti-Brexit march, save the world march and now Donald Trump.

The President of the United States of America is coming here on a state visit on June 3.

It’s a commemoration of D-Day, when we remember our joint victory over Nazism. A day both countries can be justly proud of, even if we were led by Winston Churchill, who the lefties now think was a racist scumbag.

There will be protests on the streets against Trump. These liberals cannot bear to hear people who have a different view to themselves.

They’ll have that stupid blimp of the President dressed as a baby, because they think that’s a real hoot.

It will be an act of discourtesy of course — but anything for another day off work. They’re not the ones who bother me, though. It’s some of our elected politicians.

Already grandstanding and wafting their virtue and leftie credentials around.

Demanding Trump should not come, or should not be given a state visit, or should not be allowed to address Parliament.

Of course he should be afforded all three. He’s the President of our closest ally and the leader of the free world.

He’s also still very popular in the US and will more than likely win a second term of office.

Whatever you think of his policies, and most Americans seem to like them. he’s a man who we need to keep as our friend. But Labour politicians have been screaming blue murder.

First, the deranged David Lammy MP. In a typically restrained and thoughtful contribution, this grotesque idiot said that by inviting Trump over here, Theresa May was “selling out the UK to a serial liar and cheat”.

Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, that vast ball of self-regard Emily Thornberry, has also been putting the boot in.

And then there’s the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, who since taking up the job is by convention labelled a former Conservative.

The two dwarves — Chippy and Snooty.

Khan seems to spend most of his time vilifying the US President rather than preventing Londoners from stabbing each other to death.

And the ludicrous Bercow has been telling whoever will listen that Trump does not have a right to address the House of Commons.

He then added that “our” opposition to racism and sexism were “hugely important considerations” when deciding if he should address MPs or not.

You pompous little toad, Bercow. You had no problems with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping addressing Parliament, did you?

And yet you cavil at the same opportunity being given to an ally, a democratically elected President.

When will the left grow up? When will it lose its arrogance and intolerance?

You may not like Donald Trump or his policies, but you treat the man with respect and dignity because of his office.

Because of what he represents. And because he is a guest.

But instead they use his visit as an opportunity to show off their right-on credentials and their hideous intolerance of opposing views. I hope Trump does address Parliament and gives the MPs a good kicking in his speech.

Hell, you have to say they deserve it.

Just as vile

THE horrible murder of Muslims at a mosque in New Zealand was driven by a vile ideology.

And everyone was enjoined, rightly, to condemn that ideology.

The Islamist murders of Christians in Sri Lanka were also driven by a vile ideology.

Why are people much less prepared to say as much?

Same old hellhole

A WOMAN has woken up after almost THREE DECADES in a coma.

Munira Abdulla was 32 when she was involved in a car crash.

She’s now 60 and has been in a hospital in the UAE for 28 years. Imagine that.

Her first words were to speak the name of her son. Dunno what the next ones were. Probably something like: “I asked for a cup of tea in 1991. Is it bloody well ready yet?”

Think of all the changes she’s got to cope with.

Back in 1991 the UAE was a sand-blown desert hellhole with no democracy and no freedom for women.

My, how the world has changed.

7th century Saudi Arabia

IT’S been party time in Saudi Arabia once again.

This week the fun-lovin’ government beheaded 37 people. And one bloke was crucified.

I don’t know what he’d done to get special treatment. Crucifixion – it’s a doddle, isn’t it?

And the time in Saudi Arabia is . . .  just coming up to the 8th century.

Self-identifying ships

SHIPS should no longer be referred to as “she”, according to the boss of a museum in Ayrshire.

David Mann, director of the Scottish Maritime Museum, has gone around the museum altering all references to ships as being “she” and replacing the word with “it”.

That’s hundreds of years of history being rubbed out because of political correctness.

“We’ve got to move with the times,” Mr Mann said.No you don’t, mate.

Anyway, what if the ship self-defines as a woman?Didn’t think of that, did you? And shouldn’t you change your own surname just to get hip and with it even more? Mr David Thing.
By youngian
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The Islamist murders of Christians in Sri Lanka were also driven by a vile ideology.
Why are people much less prepared to say as much?

I haven’t noticed anyone who thinks ISIS are cuddly liberals. Where did Rod pluck this one from? If he’s curious as to why ISIS affiliates aren’t being called out for their campaign to murder Christians he’s slightly missing the point. They target Western interests and that includes places they think Westerners might be on holiday. Like hotels and the local church.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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More Sun hypocrisy. In this thread there are many examples of The Sun attacking civil servants during Brexit and accusing them of being "Remoaners". Today they're suddenly offended by people attacking "neutral" civil servants:

his unhinged social media attacks on Leavers and even neutral civil servants planning for Brexit.

THE SUN SAYS Andrew Adonis’s staggering Brexit U-turn exposes him as an unprincipled chancer

ANDREW Adonis’s staggering Brexit U-turn finally exposes him as the definitive ­example of all those unprincipled ­chancers now rotting ­British politics.

Once a Lib Dem, he became an unelected Labour peer, a staunch Blairite, then a Brownite. Then he became the TORIES’ infrastructure chief.

Then came his deranged crusade to reverse Brexit and his unhinged social media attacks on Leavers and even neutral civil servants planning for Brexit.

He told Leavers not to vote Labour.

Now, though, he’s a Corbynista MEP candidate, suddenly batting for a “sensible”, “socialist” Brexit. No wonder “people’s vote” Remainers are outraged at their former figurehead’s betrayal.

Is there anything this odious shapeshifter won’t do for a first-class seat aboard the publicly funded gravy train?

And why believe another word he utters?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Losing our fracking tsar must be a wake-up call for flip-flopping ministers

THE loss of the UK’s fracking tsar must be a wake-up call for flip-flopping ministers.

Natascha Engel is right to warn that Britain’s energy revolution is now at risk, with the Government in thrall to eco-warriors and their immature stunts.

She points out that the likes of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, and the Extinction Rebellion mob, don’t have a serious solution to climate change.

Eye-catching prophecies of doom are no substitute for actual policies.

Fracking can drive down emissions by replacing high-polluting coal and oil with gas, which is far less damaging. It could also hand Britain an economic boom, and reduce our dependence on energy imports from far-flung dictatorships.

Cowardly Business Secretary Greg Clark is squandering this windfall by giving in to the green lobby. As Engel says — listen to the science, not just to those who shout the loudest.

At least the Tories aren’t quite as bad as Jeremy Corbyn, who would ban fracking altogether and destroy hundreds of jobs in the process.

It is time the Government ignored leftie posturing and turned on the shale gas taps.

Stephen shame

THE five thugs suspected of murdering Stephen Lawrence have repeatedly dodged justice. So it’s an outrage they’ve been allowed to run up nearly £1million in legal aid — funded, of course, by the taxpayer.

Gary Dobson and David Norris lied for 19 years before finally being convicted of murder, while the other three have always refused to explain their role in the racist attack on Stephen.

Of course every suspect has the right to a defence, but it can’t be fair that such sums have been lavished on lawyers for these fundamentally dishonest men.

Contrast this state-funded generosity with the treatment of Stephen’s grieving parents, who were denied legal aid when trying to get justice for their son.

Coming hot on the heels of Shamima Begum’s legal aid windfall, this is fresh proof the system isn’t working. Legal aid is meant to ensure the right to a fair trial, not help killers avoid being held to account.
By The Weeping Angel
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youngian wrote:
Mon Apr 29, 2019 5:52 pm
Engel’s complaint is that populist responses are overriding scientific evidence. Not exactly a natural ally of the Sun.
The Sun's claims are not surprisingly dubious.

By Safe_Timber_Man
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They're still in a right tizz about Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg. Even Golden Boy Gove is getting a bit of a kicking:

THE SUN SAYS The Tories’ contemptible lack of spine will be what really torpedoes them in the next few weeks

IT won’t just be Brexit failure that torpedoes the Tories over the next month. It will be their contemptible lack of spine.

The Government is paralysed, unable to fix problems or form ideas.

It is afraid of Corbyn, of Farage, of voters, of its own members.

It’s afraid of anyone who shouts “boo”.

Like the “Extinction Rebellion” hypocrites who brought chaos to London because even our world-leading emissions reductions aren’t enough for them.

Why did they try it on here? Because, like child activist Greta Thunberg, they knew our Government would buckle . . . unlike tougher, dirtier ones elsewhere.

And so it has. Its “fracking tsar” has quit after the party caved in to social media scaremongering.

Now Environment Secretary Michael Gove will formally meet “Extinction Rebels” today — a summit they will film, hoping to shame him further.

Can any mob now win a personal audience with Cabinet ministers via mayhem? This lot spent a fortnight breaking the law and causing misery. Some 1,100 were arrested. Why hasn’t Gove just stated some hard truths and told them to sling their hook?

He could tell them our eco taxes are already deterring investment.

He is more likely to let them walk all over him, as he did with Greta, and as the Government has with the Opposition.

Labour and the SNP are both winning on the environment, despite the Tories’ stellar record since 2010. How? Labour wants to open a new coal mine. The SNP has an ­economic strategy based on OIL.

What are Theresa May and her Cabinet doing? They are in full retreat on this and every policy.

Winter is here, Tories. Stand and fight.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Thursday 18th: Attacked climate change proposals
Tuesday 23rd: Attacked climate change proposals
Monday 29th: Attacked climate change proposals
Tuesday 30th: Attacked climate change proposals
Wednesday 1st: Attacked climate change proposals

No-fry zone

ALONGSIDE Emma Thompson, eco hypocrites don’t come much grander than Ed “Two Kitchens” Miliband.

The millionaire Labour MP, head of a new “Environmental Justice Commission”, reckons climate change is “an emergency” requiring “a war footing”.

He means new taxes to put people off flying. Poorer people, that is. Not Dame Emma. Nor Miliband — who flew to America, Italy, Spain and Iceland in the last year and can easily afford extra tax.

How, then, IS he doing his bit? Electric car? No. Solar panels? Come off it . . .  the crisis isn’t THAT urgent! No. Ed’s given up bacon. And if that can’t rapidly cut global temperatures and achieve “environmental justice”, what can?

Miliband insists we must all further cut our emissions to secure the “moral authority” to persuade China to do it too.

Our question being: Where’s his?
By youngian
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Thursday 18th: Attacked climate change proposals
Tuesday 23rd: Attacked climate change proposals
Monday 29th: Attacked climate change proposals
Tuesday 30th: Attacked climate change proposals
Wednesday 1st: Attacked climate change proposals

What's going on here then? I can't see this being an issue to raise passions either way with its readers and climate change denial is a bit wacky for the Sun. They're not even employing it with any conviction just feeble cliches about hypocritical lefty luvvies flying planes. Perhaps they are under orders from Uncle Rupe for some self-serving reason.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Well this already needs updating!

Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Wed May 01, 2019 12:03 pm
Thursday 18th: Attacked climate change proposals
Tuesday 23rd: Attacked climate change proposals
Monday 29th: Attacked climate change proposals
Tuesday 30th: Attacked climate change proposals
Wednesday 1st: Attacked climate change proposals
Thursday 2nd: Attacked climate change proposals

THE SUN SAYS Green hysteria

ARE you ready to scrap your car, make your home colder, halve your meat intake and stop flying on holiday? We didn’t think so.

And that is the problem with the ­“climate emergency” hysteria we are all expected to succumb to.

Politicians may be browbeaten by swampies blocking London’s streets, or the aisles in Waitrose, or naive kids bunking off school to raise eco banners.

The public isn’t having it.

Especially when sensible measures like fracking — to switch us to cleaner gas from oil and coal — were strangled at birth by those same spineless MPs to appease the scaremongering mob.

Sure, we could abandon a century of progress, ditch flights and turn carbon-neutral. It will make no difference unless the rest of the planet does too.

And ordinary people, both here and elsewhere, aren’t up for it.
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