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By The Red Arrow
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I'll just leave this here.


"A full-throated, clear-sighted, well-researched and extremely well written exposition of the Victorians and their values. Rees-Mogg’s choice of a dozen Victorian luminaries allows him to defend an era too often ignored or written off in British history, and to compare it to our modern day in a way that readers will find gripping but also chastening" (Andrew Roberts, bestselling author of ‘Churchill: Walking with Destiny’)

"A fine philosophical mind" (Matthew Parris)

"One of the most important politicians in the country" (Economist)

"Polite, eloquent, witty, well-informed, coherent, principled ― Jacob Rees-Mogg is the antithesis of almost every-thing the Labour party stands for under its current populist leadership" (James Delingpole)

"The best-dressed man in the House of Commons" (Spectator)
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Labour, Generally.

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Fucking unbelievable aren't they?