Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
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By Andy McDandy
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The funny thing is, turn it round and they'd all be crying out how it's nobody's damn business what a parent decides to teach their kids.
By Andy McDandy
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As said previously, baa baa black sheep is the longest now in history. It was 'proof' of how 'right on' (That's how we said PC back then) lefties were getting out of control. Since then it's been handed down the generations. Nobody asking how, if it's a shocking new development, it happened to their parents.

Here's the facts. The rhyme is very short. 4 lines. Easy to sing. The use of 'black' in it is not perjorative but descriptive. But it's still a very short rhyme. So you pad it out. White sheep. Red sheep. Green sheep. Are you spotting the pattern here? You lengthen the song, keep the kiddies singing longer. And nobody sings 'rainbow sheep', because it DOESN'T FUCKING SCAN.
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