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By crabcakes_windermere
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All this future planning stuff is the real giveaway. He just thinks he's going to waft into No. 10 after brexit because everyone will blame the Tories and/or he's just assuming everyone who doesn't want to vote Tory will hold their noses and vote Labour. Then, on top of a nosediving economy he's going to embark on mass nationalisation of utilities and huge expansion of government to manage it.

Did Theresa May tell him there really was a magic money tree, and he believed her, or what?
By Winegums
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crabcakes_windermere legitimately thinks we have a big vault under the treasury with all our money in it.
By crabcakes_windermere
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Was just going to post that myself. Particularly interesting given it is the exact in-depth evidence Winegums wanted to show Labour’s Brexit policy was having a direct effect on how people vote. So I’m sure he’ll be along with a fistful of excuses shortly.
By crabcakes_windermere
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LDs leapfrog Labour.

Well done, Jeremy. That deliberate ambiguity and fence sitting is really paying dividends. You fudged and fudged and fudged and your followers told everyone to hold their nose and vote or just fuck off and vote for a remain party. And it turns out if you say it for long enough and show enough times you can't be trusted, they do just that.
By The Weeping Angel
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But Iraq.
No, it intrigues me because there’s always something to complain about. Is Corbyn’s fudge on Brexit worse than Blair’s certainty about invading Iraq? If someone can vote and leaflet for a party that launched an illegal invasion that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths and instability in the region for years to come because they felt that party had a broader purpose, then by what moral yardstick is the party’s position on Brexit too much to bear? Is it that this particular straw is too heavy or that the camel’s back has just become too frail?

The issue of antisemitism is more delicate. Nobody should feel badgered into staying in a party where they do not feel welcome. And when Jews do not feel welcome in the Labour party because they are Jews then that is a serious problem. This issue has been handled badly and at some point that shifts from a bureaucratic matter to an ethical one of institutional indifference. There are clear moral reasons why anyone, but particularly Jews, might abandon the party.

This mass-sensitisation to and mobilisation against prejudice both within the party and without is to be welcomed. I do, however, wonder where that sensitivity was when senior figures in the party were burqa-baiting, accusing the children of asylum seekers of “swamping” schools, celebrating the Empire and branding the Liberal Democrats as “on the side of failed asylum seekers” while Labour was on “your side” (a byelection campaign run by the deputy Labour leader, Tom Watson). The point here is not to change the subject but to contextualise it. Labour has a history of both fighting bigotry and harbouring and, at times, propagating it, precisely because it is embedded in the society it wishes to transform and contracts the very viruses it aims to eradicate. It is helpful to understand the issue of antisemitism in the party as part of a continuum because it can provide allies rather than set up communal rivalries.
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