Discussion of other UK political parties
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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In an incendiary column today, Mr Farage says he is a victim of BBC 'bias' and had to 'fight like crazy' to get on to Question Time on Thursday because 'the BBC now have to gender balance everything'.

Whining about finding it difficult to get onto Question Time? Nigel Farage?

Beggars fucking belief.

Farage launches new attack on Marr and accuses the BBC of deliberately 'ignoring' the Brexit party, trying to exclude him from Question Time - and even claims the Beeb secretly takes EU money
By Big Arnold
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Arron Banks 'gave £450,000 funding to Nigel Farage after Brexit vote'

Tycoon provided Farage with Chelsea home, car and money to promote him in US, Channel 4 News claims[/size]

Tycoon? There seems to be some doubt about the source of his money.
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