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There's some Wimbledon related Crossrail 2 chat BTL on here ... an-option/

See especially:
NGH 17 September 2015 at 14:24
Re PoP & Timbeau


NR want 2 Thameslink Platforms…

The surface safeguarding limit (i.e. of possible demolition / modification includes:

See page 6&7 of this pdf:

– All the existing station including district line
– a slice of Centre Court shopping centre enough for another platform island, and the car park ramp and Queens Road Church (modern office style building)
– Everything on the slab /road bridge over the track including the shops to the west (Next, WHSmith) and Wimbledon Bridge House.
– Orinoco lane (aka the taxi rank road to the north of the district line)
– the shops between Orinocco Lane and Alexandra Road (i.e. HSBC etc)
– all commercial property south of Alexandra Road (Magistrates Court, Waitrose and the former Diy shop…)

That is a lot of space.
This poster seems pretty respected generally (tough crowd) but it may be out of date.
Is he in the shit with the cult for attacking Corbyn at the PLP? How else did he think that was a good idea? Hodge led Islington Council and became an MP afterwards and then a minister and select committee chair. She's supposed to be still tormented by Jez getting the Islington North gig 36 years ago?
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