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By satnav
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Farage is using twitter to bemoan the fact that there was Brexit Party spokesperson on the Marr show today. On yesterday's edition of newswatch a senior BBC spokesman made it pretty clear that Farage was offered two opportunities to appear on the show he was told he could appear on last weeks show or this weeks show, Farage chose last weeks show. Despite being aware of this he is now blatantly lying to his supporters trying to claim that this is a clear case of BBC bias. I hope that the BBC will robustly refute his claims but I won't be holding my breath.
By The Red Arrow
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It's looking like a duck and waddling like a duck...

Jo Maugham: Brexit Party donations should be investigated by Electoral Commission
May 18, 2019

By Jolyon Maugham

https://scramnews.com/jolyon-maugham-br ... ommission/

Brexit party's funding must be investigated, says Gordon Brown

Former PM is concerned ‘dirty money’ from foreign donors could reach Nigel Farage’s party
The warnings come at a time of more questions about the Brexit party’s links to a disgraced former aide to Farage who was imprisoned in the US after being caught offering money laundering services to undercover federal agents. George Cottrell was with Farage when he was arrested at Chicago O’Hare airport in July 2016. He had been working in Farage’s office and claimed on his LinkedIn account to have co-directed Ukip’s EU referendum campaign fundraising.

He was charged with 21 counts including money laundering, wire fraud, blackmail and extortion. He would later plead guilty to participating in a scheme to “advertise money laundering services on a Tor network black market website” and served eight months in prison.

After the arrest, Farage called Cottrell a “22-year-old unpaid volunteer and party supporter” and said he knew nothing of the allegations.

The Guardian understands that Cottrell has told friends that he is now overseeing the Brexit party’s fundraising operation. On Sunday the Sunday Times also reported that a senior source in the party said that Cottrell had “reprised his role as one of [Farage’s] top fundraisers”
https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... rdon-brown
By Safe_Timber_Man
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What's really quite galling is seeing the Alt/Far-Right on Twitter pontificating about the dangers of this kind of political 'violence' escalating and resulting in 'somebody getting hurt', conveniently ignoring that their own have been responsible for gunning down an MP in the middle of a British street or storming mosques with assault rifles.

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By mattomac
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Yeah because remember Farage told us the day after the Referendum that "Brexit had been achieved without a shot being fired".

You can try and grab the higher plain all you want but you pander to the language that saw fascism cloud the continent in the 30's, some will react to that, to keep it at bay.
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