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By Andy McDandy
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Lazy hack looks for parallel to be drawn between current events and pop culture - "It's a bit like Game of Thrones, ha ha!".

EU person makes same comparison. Hack - "How dare you! Outrageous!".
By Safe_Timber_Man
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It's so weird that The Sun appear to still believe that Corbyn is a Remainer and pushing to Remain:

We already knew he wants a second referendum, no doubt stitched up to try to ensure a Remain vote.

The other explanation is that they know full well he doesn't want to Remain but it's best to pretend to the readers that he does to keep up the Brexit v Remain v Labour narrative.

THE SUN SAYS The Tories must realise that nothing is more important than keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of power

LABOUR’S betrayal of 17.4million Brits is almost complete.

Don’t take our word for it. Jeremy Corbyn said it himself yesterday.

We already knew he wants a second referendum, no doubt stitched up to try to ensure a Remain vote.

But far more outrageous is his new admission that, if he was in No10, he’d be open to allowing free movement into the UK. So much for Labour’s manifesto promise of an end to unlimited immigration.

Brits have become noticeably less concerned about immigration since the referendum. That’s because people were promised that we would soon have control of our borders once again — open to the best and brightest, the striving and the hard-working — but with a say on who comes in and who doesn’t.

If Labour chuck that away, they will reap a whirlwind. If the Tories give in to Corbyn on this vital point as part of a backroom deal, it’ll be the end of the party system as we know it, opening the door to all sorts of extreme forces.

The Conservatives must realise nothing is more important than keeping Corbyn and his not-so-merry band of Marxists out of power. Their next leader must be capable of tearing into Labour and winning the public round. That work needs to start soon.

The Prime Minister is costing the party its reputation for competence every single day and it’s hard to see merit in reviving her dead deal for what will surely be another humiliation in Parliament.

The party needs a new figure to take the fight to the Opposition.

Terror traitors

FINALLY, something that looks like concrete action to crack down on Brit-born extremists.

The Home Secretary is right to show how he’ll use his new powers to ensure that no UK citizen is able to swan off to jihadi-infested north west Syria without a very good reason indeed.

There must be consequences. Too many people, mostly on the left, still seem to think we can write off these bloodthirsty terrorists as just youthful mischief-makers. They are not. They are traitors.

Equally important is Sajid Javid’s call for international co-operation to tackle the Islamist menace across the world.

Despite Brexit straining relations with Europe, we hope our neighbours are listening.

Flying the flag

BRIT Eurovision entry Michael Rice wasn’t that bad.

We could put The Beatles on and we’d still end up mid-table.

But then perhaps we’re used to being under-appreciated by Europe…

The real winner of Saturday night, though, was Israel itself.

How many other places in the Middle East could host that many people waving rainbow flags?
By Safe_Timber_Man
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It's fair to say The Sun are very unhappy about milkshakes.

And who actually believes this silly theory that Farage will suddenly have loads more supporters because of this incident? If you're the type of person to vote for Farage you aren't going to wait until he's milkshaked before deciding to vote for him.

THE SUN SAYS Hipster wannabe who threw milkshake achieved nothing but to recruit more voters for Nigel Farage

WE couldn’t have scripted a more perfect encapsulation of the entitled Remoaners’ new assault on democracy.

A virtue-signalling Corbynite hipster wannabe who brews craft beer and fashionably hates Tories hurls a £5.25 salted caramel milkshake at Nigel Farage.

It’s not quite Bob Geldof making V-signs at Brexit-backing fishermen from a Thames gin palace, but it’s close.

It is another demonstration of sneering contempt towards 17.4million mainly working-class Leave voters and the one man sticking up for them.

It has achieved nothing but to recruit thousands more to Farage’s cause.

Milkshake-chucking morons are one thing. More sinister is the orchestrated, desperate plot by politicians including Gordon Brown to discredit the Brexit Party as it roars ahead in the polls.

It’s no surprise that Farage has paying members flooding in.

Britain voted for Brexit... MPs refuse to implement it.

The pearl-clutching over his donations is the height of hypocrisy from Labour, a party funded by union puppetmasters and up to its neck in a “cash for honours” scandal when Brown was Chancellor.

It is also a transparent ruse. An attempt to undermine Farage’s inevitable victory on Thursday by whining: “It’s not fair — he cheated.” Yes, that same toddler tantrum again.

Remainiac Michael Heseltine, meanwhile, insists only “extremists” want a meaningful Brexit. Cobblers. Extremists refuse to honour democratic mandates. Extremists hope to silence opponents by thuggery and smear.

Brexit, even with No Deal, is popular. So is a party unequivocally behind it.

It’s not trickery. Just a reality which Remainers refuse to grasp.

From Murdoch with love:


THERE’S a valuable lesson for Tories in the shock defeat of the Left in Australia.

The Labor Party were certain of a big election win. Polls said so. More importantly to the Left, so did Twitter.

The world over they make the same mistake, confusing social media’s left-wing echo chamber for the national conversation.

Most people aren’t spouting politics online. And, guess what? In Australia ordinary voters prefer low taxes, sensible economics and job creation over high taxes and climate change lectures.

It shows that if you champion tax cuts and a smaller state, and refuse to buckle to the Left’s self-serving chorus of despair, you can beat them.

What a pity our Government has spent two dismal years not knowing whether to fight Jeremy Corbyn or agree with him.
By spoonman
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In Australia right now either the coalition or Labor could provide decent stewardship on the economy for at least a few years as long as it can keep exporting minerals - there isn't exactly a large difference between the two main sides when it comes to the economy.

What could see trouble for them is if the current China - USA trade war escalates and Morrison is told to choose a side, either aligning with Trump which will see China punish Australia and stop taking imports from them, or side more alongside their fellow TPP11 (the successor to the TPP agreement that never went into force when Trump pulled the USA out of it) member and cause a right diplomatic spat with the USA. If the latter happens then co-operation between Oz and the USA in most areas like ANZUS is going to get kicked to the curb along with a dilemma in that while many of the Liberal/Nationals reps in Australian politics would be sympathetic to American Republicans, they know that Trump is just as popular or unpopular in Australia as he is in any western country that isn't called the United States of America. Go with the former and the economy will take an immediate hit and struggle for quite some time. And you think Trump will do anything to help? Just remember, "America First" - he'll gladly fuck Australia over for American interests just like all other long-time American allies. The economies of Western Australia and Queensland would be fucked.

Given that Australian Federal Elections run on a 3 year cycle and the events in the world ongoing where Australia can only marginally insulate themselves from, it might be the case that losing the 2018 election might have ended up being a "good one to lose" for Labor.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Theresa May’s capitulation has achieved nothing aside from alienating all sides of the Brexit debate

THE barrage of abuse from all sides over Theresa May’s final desperate capitulation tells its own story.

No wonder her Leave MPs are screaming blue murder.

She has already welched on almost every promise. Now, after all she has said, she has even offered the second referendum mob a binding chance to engineer Brexit’s destruction.

For good measure she has caved to a string of Labour demands that, if Brexit happened, would shackle us so tightly to the EU it would look all but pointless.

It still isn’t enough for Corbyn’s party. Nothing could be. Their sole interest is in wrecking the Tories.

Nor is it enough even for “people’s vote” Remainers. They don’t want to risk a Commons vote they could lose. They demand to be GIVEN their second referendum, against the wishes of MPs and the public.

At least the PM didn’t go that far. But she should not have budged an inch.

A second vote before the first is enacted would be a grotesque abuse of democracy, enough to destroy public faith in it for a generation.

Mrs May is presumably confident a majority of MPs would reject it. That’s irrelevant. It is political suicide.

Leave voters now see Tories as the party that botched Brexit, then surrendered over a “people’s vote” and promised to legislate for it if approved.

We respect that Mrs May, in the dying days of her disastrous rule and with no majority, tried to unite MPs around a compromise. But by tossing baubles at entrenched and utterly opposed sides she has simply alienated them all.

What a gift this doomed gambit is for Nigel Farage, his Brexit Party already riding high before the euro elections.

And what a terrifying catastrophe for the Tories: for the PM who negotiated ineptly, the Remainers who shamefully sabotaged our position and the backbench ERG Brexiteers whose purism defeated the only available deal.

We warned them then that Brexit would only get softer with their party left to plummet into the abyss. We were right.

Their time may soon be up. Theresa’s is already.

And a kicking for Hammond, for daring to point out the bleeding obvious.

Rotten Hamm

WHAT did we do to deserve a Chancellor as dismally defeatist as Philip Hammond?

The bean counter who helped wreck our negotiating hand by holding back No Deal preparations now says, in effect, there is little point to them anyway. We can NEVER be ready, he moans.

Put aside that voters quite logically expect us to leave with No Deal if no deal can be struck. Imagine this soul-destroying doom-monger presiding over an actual national disaster — war, even — endlessly lecturing us not on what we can do but what we can’t.

Of Mrs May’s many mistakes, her Cabinet choices have been the worst . . . Hammond most grievous of all.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun find themselves refusing to protect British jobs and a British institution and arguing that the EU are correct:

No to bailout

PUBLIC money should not be spent ­shoring up British Steel.

Its collapse is devastating for thousands of workers — and the first move must be to try to secure a buyer to make the business viable. That’s a tall order.

The second is to probe why private firm Greybull, which bought it for £1, presides over so many corporate disasters.

But under EU rules the Government cannot pour state aid directly into a failing business. Nor should it.

It should spend millions instead retraining those workers and funding tax breaks to lure new firms to Scunthorpe.

Admittedly, that would require a coherent industrial strategy Britain lacks.

But the Tories must not abandon this community whose livelihoods are at risk.

A vomit inducing testimony to Dan Hannan:
We have one caveat: Tory MEP Dan Hannan would be a loss. The Westminster chaos is not his doing.

The stalwart Leave campaigner is the brightest and best-informed MEP we have. The Brexit vote might have been lost without him.

A huge Brexit Party victory will be the election kicking the Tories and Labour deserve

TODAY voters will give the Tories and ­Labour an election kicking like never before. They will richly deserve it.

The Conservatives have failed catastrophically on Brexit. We should have left the EU on March 29. We’re still in.

Labour have angered Leavers AND Remainers with their lies and trickery.

So we entirely understand Leave-backing Sun readers casting a protest vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. It is hard to justify anything else. This election should not even be taking place.

We have one caveat: Tory MEP Dan Hannan would be a loss. The Westminster chaos is not his doing.

The stalwart Leave campaigner is the brightest and best-informed MEP we have. The Brexit vote might have been lost without him.

But Hannan may too be swept away by the tide. The polls already had Farage miles ahead even before Theresa May’s final, suicidal capitulation over the ­second referendum and customs union.

A majority of MPs, most notably the “people’s vote” brigade, have spent three years trashing our democracy. A huge Brexit Party victory ought to scare the living daylights out of them.

That can only be a good thing.

It’s over, PM

THOSE who predicted Theresa May would be a poor Prime Minister have regrettably been vindicated.

In fairness, her task has been harder than any predecessor’s since Winston Churchill. It became all but impossible after she blew her majority in 2017.

Even so, Mrs May and her woeful Cabinet of mainly third-rate friends have failed on Brexit and the social justice mission she initially championed.

Andrea Leadsom cannot bear to be a part of it any longer.

All PMs want a “legacy”. It can be the only reason Mrs May has clung on so long.

And though she will leave office with none to speak of, she can at least retain her dignity in defeat.

Even that is ebbing way.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Britain does not have time for Theresa May’s stalling over Brexit — she MUST go

BRITAIN does not have time for Theresa May’s stalling. The game is up. She will not be the Prime Minister who delivered Brexit.

Her deal will not pass no matter how much she tweaks it.

The Sun has plenty of sympathy for her. Brexit is a gargantuan task she has stuck to through thick and thin. She has tried to uphold our democracy against all those willing to undermine it.

But she has made terrible misjudgements, broken too many promises, lacked basic communication skills and made desperate and suicidal compromises as failure began to look inevitable.

She has lost the trust of her Cabinet, her party, the Commons and the electorate. The country is barely being governed at all. Westminster is paralysed.

We cannot wait months before Mrs May finally chooses to go. We need new leadership now.

Her Cabinet seem to lack the guts to frogmarch her to the exit. It has been painful to watch.

So we say to her, with all respect:

You cannot fix this, PM. Resign today. Trigger an immediate leadership contest.

You’ve always put Britain first. Do so now.

Have The Sun done a U-turn and decided to back Leadsom over Johnson?!

ANDREA Leadsom should be a contender for a top Cabinet job under a new leader.

She was a tremendous and articulate Brexit campaigner whose reputation nose-dived when her leadership run imploded in 2016.

She was too inexperienced to run the country. Which is why so many opted for Theresa May. That went well.

But Mrs Leadsom has been a terrific Commons leader, winning plaudits from all sides for her drive, efficiency and good humour. She is quick on her feet in debates. She loathes Speaker Bercow — always a good sign.

To her credit, she has been first to quit over Mrs May’s final Brexit surrender.

She is not to be under-estimated.

And back to the "Milkshake" attack:

Full-fat idiot

ONE sure sign of a bigot is that they chuck milkshake over those they disagree with.

That’s true, too, of sniggering left-wing journalists who legitimise such thuggery as long as it only targets those on the right. Incredibly, these imbeciles believe they’re the good guys.

Don MacNaughton is an admirable old boy of 81, a writer and former Para who fought for his country and now seeks to defend our democracy by campaigning for the Brexit Party.

He wasn’t even standing for office ­yesterday. Yet he became some virtue­signalling halfwit’s target.

The Sun happens to think Jeremy Corbyn is a dangerous extremist leading a racist party. We don’t want him hit by eggs or milkshakes either.

These assaults are not trivial.

They are attacks on our democracy, richly deserving a short jail stretch.
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