Discussion of other UK political parties
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Trustworthy man of government and likeable every person is the winning formula for a leader and Chuka has both in teaspoons. Anna Soubry is the wildling woman of Sherwood Forest and doesn't give a crap where her career is going. Brainy but slightly dappy and amateur Heidi Allen is obviously a Lib Dem and has a good chance of retaking her Tory Remain seat. And then gracing many Question Time panels in years to come. When CHUK will be best remembered on a clip show between the Coca Cola rebranding and Gerard Ratner.
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bluebellnutter wrote:
Thu May 23, 2019 8:52 am
Person on internet makes spelling mistake. Is criticised by someone who can't even spell "Change" properly.
This desperate defense of cuk :lol: :lol: As I keep saying, they're the children of the managerial class of politics. Slickness and professionalism is meant to be their superpower, and yet they can't even proofread adverts properly.

Looking forward to their EU election performance.
Well, that turned out to be a mostly pointless and poorly judged adventure. They might have been better off just assimilating into the greens and LDs if they weren't going to be a single issue party for the one thing they were supposedly founded for.
Newsnight were frantically asking a LD MP last night why their party wasn't going to merge with ChUK.

I had to admire the patience of the MP, who was asked at least five times, despite pointing out that the LDs had done perfectly well in the European elections on their own, and that ChUK - a party with no MPs - hadn't.

As far as I can see all they managed was to produce hours of comedy content by being shit awful, and split the remain vote and cost the LDs a seat. True heirs to the political throne.
It looks like the wheels have, inevitably, come off. Umunna and Allen to the Lib Dems? The others - sitting as independents until an election then out.

https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... are_btn_tw
I suspected at the time that this was little more than an attention-seeking, co-ordinated flounce out of their respective parties and now with a rehabilitated and reinvigorated Lib Dem party, those that wish to remain in politics will gravitate there.
I think it's inappropriate to say the lib Dems did this to cuk, cuk did this to themselves by being utterly useless.
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I think for some there are real problems with non-tribal politics, Umunna being a case in point. Like Nick Clegg* he mostly agrees with a specific party, but also sees attractive policies in another. I can relate to that, now that I have relieved myself of a tribal identity.
As the policies that kept him in Labour changed in their importance in the party paradigm he found that agreement less secure.
It happens to voters all the time, of course, and to deny it (or denigrate it or to sneer at it) leads only to polarisation and political failure.

*Clegg was a Europhile Tory by instinct, which led him to the Lib Dems because there was no place for him in a monocultural Conservative party. Pre-Thatcher and the Bastards there would have been no doubt.
Shame, really. Had Chuk been bigger, better, more coherent, and more organised I might well have joined them, given that Jeremy continues to steer the Labour Party towards the abyss.

Farage did it simpler by just setting up a limited company with no manifesto and just the one policy.
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