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By Kreuzberger
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youngian wrote:
Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:24 pm
I doubt most Sun readers have viewed 'a bit of sniff' as a Metropolitan elite drug since Miami Vice was on TV.
Hence, this;
Last week a report branded the UK the cocaine capital of Europe and warned of the “Uberisation” of the drugs trade.
If anything positive were to ooze from this whole tory leadership affair, it would be a root and branch review of legislative drug policy and the role that both health and education should play in determining the way forward.

Of course, that is just a pipe-dream. Meanwhile, the most dangerous thing about most drugs remains being black, selling them or both.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I'm not sure who The Sun are going to back. I thought it would be Gove but some of their articles about him recently suggests he's lost their support and they don't seem keen on Boris, too. I guess they're probably keeping their powder dry and will just wait and see before committing:
THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson’s proposed income tax cut for those earning over £50,000 is a stinker for the average Brit

BORIS Johnson’s first big policy announcement is a stinker.

We’re all for tax cuts . . . Tories should be tax cutters, above all. But what ­possessed Boris to think his priority as Prime Minister should be those earning £50,000-plus a year?

These aren’t the “just about managings” Theresa May rightly chose to champion (before failing to do so). They’re mostly the “managing pretty nicelies”, especially outside London.

Tax cuts should ideally be across the board. Failing that, the lowest-paid must be first to benefit.

We get that the higher rate now hits too many in ordinary jobs who don’t feel remotely rich. But the average UK ­salary is still only £29,000. Too many are on near-poverty wages far below that.

Where’s their Boris bung?

And how does focusing on higher earners look politically?

“Old Etonian toff Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson comes to power and immediately gives the rich a tax break.”

He’s writing Corbyn’s script for him.

And here's the inevitable BBC rant

Blame Beeb

THERE is no point in the BBC blaming the Government for the outrageous decision to strip many OAPs of the free TV licence.

The bloated corporation could avoid it. By slashing its ridiculous 18,200-strong headcount — and the monstrous salaries lavished on “stars” and executives.

By torching the culture of greed and waste which saw 2,700 staff get ten per cent pay rises.

By taming its news website, busily destroying local papers.

By sticking to its public service remit, not competing with commercial broadcasters while also enjoying a £4billion injection from the public.

The BBC was meant to fund free licences for over-75s as part of its budget settlement in 2015. We simply don’t buy its spin that it would have to scrap BBC2, BBC4, BBC Scotland, News Channel and Radio 5 Live to do so.

And it has now shot itself in the head.

Younger viewers increasingly watch Netflix or YouTube and need no licence. Older ones may abandon the BBC too if suddenly forced to pay £150 for it.

The licence fee’s days are numbered and rightly so.

Backstop bilge

HOW can the EU insist the withdrawal deal is set in stone when it already has a tech solution for the Irish border “problem”?

Eurocrats admit their IT systems will keep it open in the event of No Deal and “can be implemented swiftly”.

Yet Michel Barnier sticks to his script that the backstop — “to avoid a hard border” — cannot be changed.

Not only can it be, it HAS to be.

The deal he made with Theresa May, cynically hoping to trap us forever in the EU’s customs union, is dead.
By Andy McDandy
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Once again, it's not the BBC that's destroying local papers. Its under-investment and the internet replacing them as the go-to place for small ads.

Local regional papers (Liverpool Echo, MEN, Newcastle Chronicle etc) are doing fine, or as fine as any other paper. Its the freesheets that are going because they're obsolete.
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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Still not committing to backing anyone yet but today they're flirting with Javid:

THE SUN SAYS Sajid Javid is a talented politician with fresh ideas – but delivering Brexit and defeating Corbyn ARE currently all that matters

SAJID Javid is a long shot for Prime Minister — but has a compelling story to tell.

The Pakistani immigrants’ son rose to wealth and power entirely on talent.

And his humble background could not be more different from, say, Boris Johnson’s. Many of his ideas chime with The Sun and our readers too.

And we agree, to an extent, when he says the country needs a “new kind of leader”, one that’s “not just for Brexit”.

The reality, though, is that delivering Brexit and defeating Corbyn ARE currently all that matters.

If Labour’s Marxist extremists win power, via the Tories shipping votes to Nigel Farage, they will not only wreak havoc. They will skew the voting system to keep power for a decade or more.

The threat is monumental.

None of the leadership contenders’ backstories, grand philosophical visions or elegant speeches will matter a damn if they can’t prevent it.

For all the leftie sniping, this race has revealed the makings of a highly ­talented and energetic new Cabinet under a PM capable — unlike Theresa May — of letting them off the leash.

That new leader must be the one most capable of delivering on Brexit, winning back Farage voters and beating Corbyn.

That’s all Tories have to decide. The rest, for now, is noise.

Bla bla bla BBC Bad Bla bla bla:

End telly tax
Untitled-1.jpg (162.11 KiB) Viewed 1244 times
THE time has come to stop prosecuting TV viewers for non-payment of the licence fee.

This absurd tax on your telly belongs to another century. Not one in which fantastic subscription services open up a world of choice.

The BBC’s callous decision to sting 3.7million OAPs for £154 a year — pleading poverty despite its £4billion annual subsidy — should be the last straw.

Hundreds of thousands may forget to pay, or refuse. And it will be an outrage if ANY of society’s most vulnerable people are dragged to court and punished.

If the Government will not scrap the licence fee entirely, the BBC must cut executive salaries and waste, reduce its services and relent over old folk.

If it won’t, its power must be limited to cutting off services, like an energy firm does as a last resort, and only then the live TV or iPlayer the licence covers.

Luckily there’s plenty more now to watch.


Watchdog: "The commission found no evidence of a cover-up and issued a “corporate penalty”."
The Sun: "These champions of the poor covered up the sex abuse"

Oxfam shame

THE let-off for Oxfam beggars belief.

These champions of the poor covered up the sex abuse of children by aid workers to keep donations pouring in.

They tolerated “a culture of poor behaviour”, according to a damning Charity Commission report.

What is their penance? A warning. No one is singled out or fired.

Oxfam “reforms” and carries on. And the public is supposed to be reassured.

What a whitewash.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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This is one of to remember next time The Sun gets into another one of its frenzies about sugar tax and the nanny state. It's no surprise they tried to hide this in the bottom corner of a left hand page half way through the paper considering it completely goes against everything they've said:

IMAG8933-20190613-125944616.jpg (139.67 KiB) Viewed 1149 times

They don't seem to be backing Boris:

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson insists the EU will give him a better Brexit deal — but what if he’s wrong?

BORIS Johnson’s leadership pitch is based on energy and optimism. Fine. What else does he have if his bubble is burst?

Boris insists the EU will give him a better Brexit deal because his Government will have fresh vigour and conviction. Failing that it’s No Deal, which he believes MPs lack the bottle to prevent.

What if he’s wrong? Tory Remainers certainly seem demented enough to topple their own Government.

What if he’s misread Brussels too?

The EU must change the backstop if they still want a deal — Theresa May’s is dead. But they may not, hoping to force a second referendum or election. Can Boris risk the latter? If not, what’s his plan?

In fairness, none of his rivals has much more of one. That includes Sajid Javid, despite his excellent speech yesterday.

They would all be fronting a minority Government against an intransigent EU and a cynical Labour Party opposed to any Tory solution.

As PM, Boris would rapidly need serious answers. And far more realism about what he can achieve, facing the same obstacles that did for his predecessor.

And he would need to be more honest with voters than she ever was.

Toxic Brand

IMAGINE the revulsion if a Tory “joked” about maiming Jeremy Corbyn with acid.

They would be shamed — and hounded out of their job by a Twitter mob.

When Jo Brand says it about politicians she dislikes, the BBC Radio audience guffaws and the Left thinks brave, funny Jo really stuck it to the bad men.

These puke-making double standards are given an unchallenged platform by our publicly funded yet blatantly partisan national broadcaster.

OAPs who will soon be forced to pay for it will be even more outraged today.

A Ukip candidate who made obnoxious rape “jokes” about a Labour MP was rightly vilified. So should Brand be.

Our politics is volatile enough without morons from the “kinder, gentler” Left fantasising about disfiguring opponents.


Eco worriers

WE’RE all for Britain minimising our already minuscule fraction of global emissions.

But the “net zero” law to make us ­carbon-neutral by 2050 looks like our ­idiotic aid commitment all over again.

David Cameron ensured we gave away 0.7 per cent of GDP no matter how vast that figure became (now £14billion) and the lack of genuinely deserving projects.

It is unpopular and unjustifiable. “Net zero” is the product of the same blind faith and motive, as a Tory PR exercise.

No one has yet told the public they will need to scrap their car, gas cooker and heating, take fewer ­foreign holidays and eat less meat as the price of “progress”.

They’ll be even less happy when other major nations ignore our example — and race ahead of us economically.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I'm not sure why The Sun are getting themselves into a state now. Macron has stated that it's going to come down to either accepting the deal May negotiated with the EU or we leave without a deal. What exactly is the problem The Sun has with that? We all know that's the case. Unless The Sun are still trying to cling onto this idea that we can renegotiate a deal even though the EU have repeated told us there will be no renegotiation.

Or it's just a simple case of trying to get their readers angry at French people and are safe in the knowledge their readers won't even question why they're meant to be angry at French people.


October 25th 2018:
If the PM has any hope of getting a deal through Parliament, the transition must have a legally-binding end date.

Anything less would be the definition of a bad deal — and no deal is better than a bad deal.

France’s President Macron wants to hand our new PM an ultimatum that we take Theresa May’s bad deal or they’ll kick us out with No Deal on October 31.

But "no deal is better than a bad deal", right? Fucking back peddling bastards.

Macron’s mob

FROM the moment it set out to trap us in the customs union or reverse Brexit, the EU has never negotiated in good faith. Here’s the latest proof:

France’s President Macron wants to hand our new PM an ultimatum that we take Theresa May’s bad deal or they’ll kick us out with No Deal on October 31.

Come what may, he insists we still pay Brussels £39billion for the privilege of leaving.

That’s a vast sum the EU’s own budget chief now admits they have no legal claim on. But if we don’t stump up, they say, we will be made to regret it.

MPs from all parties have turned down their deal three times. Yet Macron plans to hold a gun to our head over it while demanding money with menaces.

And Remainers defend these gangsters.

Tories could burn another PM in Boris Johnson — by a coronation or over Brexit

BORIS Johnson now looks all but certain to become Prime Minister. Tory Remainers had better start getting used to it.

Because collapsing his new Government over a No Deal Brexit, as some are absurdly threatening, would be an act of staggeringly stupid self-harm.

There are two likely results from the snap election they would force on Boris. One is that he wins a majority, as polls indicate he might, and pushes through a Brexit they despise anyway.

The other is they hand power to Corbyn’s Marxists, green-light the transformation of our economy into Venezuela’s and destroy their own party forever.

Alternatively they could actually ­support Boris, who plainly shares many of their beliefs and has committed to prioritising a new deal over No Deal.

That said, PM Boris is not nailed-on yet. And however much his supporters want a swift coronation he MUST face proper scrutiny first.

No matter how far ahead he is he must be rigorously tested, over facts and details, in live debates against a rival who knows his weaknesses.

The Tories cannot impose another PM on Britain without voters knowing just what we are getting.

They definitely don't like Rory Stewart. I don't know enough about him but I'm guessing he isn't quite hard Right enough for The Sun?

Ror nerve

IT is increasingly clear, claims Rory Stewart, that it’s him against Boris for No10.

And it is increasingly clear to us that next season’s title race will be between Man City and Brighton.

It takes some bottle to get only 19 MPs’ votes, and come last among candidates who survived the first round, then declare yourself the main challenger.

We can’t fault Stewart’s self-belief. But what does he imagine would happen if somehow he won? Yes, he would certainly secure the applause of his Blairite fans in their Twitter bubble, none ever intending to actually vote Tory.

As for the life-or-death mission to ­win back millions and millions of Nigel ­Farage’s Brexit Party followers...

Not a chance.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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This was their front page. Some "nanny state" story about a stubborn git refusing to adhere to HSE regulations regarding sweeping his factory floor with a broom which kicks up wood dust which is a risk to employees health. It's apparently such an important story that it also features in their editorial:

Clean sweep

THE meddling bureaucrats of the Health and Safety Executive have come up with their most ridiculous ruling yet after they told a master furniture designer to stop sweeping out his factory with a broom.

Brooms a health hazard? Quick, alert the families who have used them for generations. It’s this sort of nanny-knows-best, fearful attitude that gives health and safety a terrible reputation.

Let’s sweep away this cowardice and get a bit more common sense.

More whining about the BBC:

BBC’s awash with cash — it’s dishonest to pretend they can’t help out the over-75s

DESPERATE BBC bosses say there’s no way to fund the licence fee for over-75s without sacking ALL their best-loved stars.

What rubbish. Do they seriously not realise how bloated their organisation is? The Beeb is stuffed with do-nothing middle-management types, many of them on grossly inflated salaries.

Far too much of its output is pointless, neither serving the public interest nor entertaining the average viewer.

Slimming down its sprawling empire could save millions — and stop elderly viewers having to fork out under the new licence fee regime.

Why not cut the regional news, which is driving local papers out of business?

The BBC is awash with cash. It is plain dishonest of them to pretend they can’t help out the over-75s.

Where’s BoJo?

BORIS Johnson has built his career on his popular appeal and easy charm. So why is he hiding from the public now?

BoJo’s clearly worried about making a gaffe and sabotaging his dreams of No10. But his whole persona is based on being a fearless, smart communicator whose quips capture the public mood.

He is on course to win the leadership election, even more so after securing the backing of Cabinet star Matt Hancock.

Now is a perfect time for him to set out his policy agenda, his vision for Britain and his plan for how to deliver Brexit in the teeth of a Remainer Parliament.

He wants us to take him seriously. In return, we deserve to hear more from him.

After the Jo Brand incident The Sun are back to saying it's a pathetic waste of time to take comments seriously when they're clearly a joke:

Unfair cop

WHY are police wasting time going after a Brexiteer dad who joked about launching a “military coup”?

Tony McNally, 57, is hardly likely to seize control of the nation all by himself. But TWO cops turned up at his door to grill him about his Twitter gag.

It’s an obvious waste of police time, especially when violent crime is soaring and officer numbers are under pressure.

And Brexit backers could be forgiven for wondering why they are yet again being accused of violence — when it’s the Remainers whose rhetoric is sounding increasingly threatening.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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They still don't seem to have made their mind up on who they're going to back. I assumed it would be Gove but that doesn't seem to be the case. They probably will end up backing Boris but they seem very hesitent at the moment.

One things for sure, they don't like Stewart. They gave him the joint worst rating for his performance at the leaders debate. Now I'm certainly not Rory Stewart cheerleader but in my opinion he wiped the floor with them all last night.
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