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By Andy McDandy
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Yes, although that was a nod to the "has anybody been raped and speaks English?" tendency of journalists. Or in prosaic terms, one dead Briton equals ten dead Americans or Australians, or a hundred dead French. Because it's about newsworthiness and relevance to the home audience. Harsh but true.

Littlejohn on the other hand is just seeing the suffering of others as an inconvenience to him.
By Samanfur
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Ethnocentricity is regarded as one of the stronger news values. The death of Diana - that plus celebrity, bad news, immediacy, lots of pictures, rarity, significance, human interest et al - was pretty much the perfect storm.
By Big Arnold
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According to a retired road traffic officer who phoned LBC Radio yesterday morning, no more than two to three hour.
That may be true for most RTCs, but this one was claimed to involve nine cars racing illegally on public roads.
By youngian
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Littlejohn has at least avoided a tedious game of whataboutery over Jo Brand’s remark. Oddly I found myself agreeing with Nick Ferrari; Wouldn’t have had a problem with it even five years ago but its inappropriate in the current atmosphere. However, Ferrari was trying to draw false equivalence and inferring there are Remainer Thomas Mairs lurking and ready to pounce.
By Abernathy
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What has been missed (deliberately, in the case of Farage), is that Brand was actually attacking the ineffectual chucking of milk shakes at right-wing demagogues - which she deplored as pathetic - by making the plainly absurd point that they could be chucking battery acid instead, which of course she also took pains to point out she was not advocating or planning.
By Boiler
"Battery acid" isn't absurd, it's achievable. "Molten lava" is absurd.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see if she gets prosecuted as I understand the police are now looking into the matter. The offending material has also been edited from the on-demand version of Heresy.
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Today's Shite
The other night, our local (truly awful) BBC ‘News’ featured a pathetic bunch of snowflake students being counselled professionally over their fears about not being able to get a job when they completed their useless degree courses.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Get a life.

Better still, get a proper job.

What.....like you!!!
You can’t open a newspaper or turn on a TV programme without being confronted by some self-pitying individual belly-aching about their ‘mental health’.
What....like Princes Harry and William. Depression doesn't exist. Clinical psychiatrist Dr R Littlejohn (presumably his "real" job) says so.
By Big Arnold
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Millions of people with alleged ‘mental health issues’ are to become eligible for Blue Badge free parking permits.
Yeah. If you don't look ill, you aren't. With the exception of Thomas Mair of course.
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By youngian
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No cliche left unturned; 'We didn't need Blue Badges in the war.' What the fuck would LJ know about mental health of combatants in a war zone?
It was only a few days earlier that the same programme had been featuring 90-something D-Day veterans who at the same age as those now pretending to suffer from ‘mental health issues’ had been throwing themselves on machine-gun nests on the beaches of Normandy.

Not a peep of complaint or self-pity from any of these real heroes.

Even if they were offered a free blue badge parking permit they’d probably turn it down, on the grounds that a brisk walk to the motor would do them the world of good
So Help for Heroes is an organisation for whingers always banging on about their imaginary conditions like PTSD?
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