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Boiler wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:09 am
Abernathy wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:50 am
Then....misery all round. Corbyn debacle ends at last. If Labour isn't completely moribund by then, then perhaps it may come back with sensible leadership and begin to rebuild. Quite a few of us will be gone by then.
No, he will remain in position, the Cult will praise him and say "we weren't radical enough!". Oh, and say "we won."

Culprits will be identified for undermining Corbyn's massive popularity; Remoaners, Tom Watson etc.

I fear there are enough floating voter cretins who still buy the 'good ol' Boris' myths to win the Tories some seats back but a lot can go wrong; Nearly all LD target seats are Tory and Labour may hold on to its vote if they are the only challenger to the Tory. And a wild card: Corbyn may flourish up against Jolly jape public schoolboy Johnson as the serious option. Jez would if he even had the political nous to play a strong card.
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The Labour response to losing an election will be to purge the party of Remainers and any MPs who aren't deemed sufficiently pure - it will be anybody's fault except Corbyn.

Meanwhile Johnson will be free to act with impunity, unencumbered by opposition.
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When you sit down and think about that Tory leadership vote the most amazing thing is 8 other people elected to represent people in Parliament looked at Esther McVey and thought "yes, she'd make a good Prime Minister".
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PETER OBORNE: Charisma. A great brain. And yes, the abilty to be PM. The only question: can Boris be trusted?
One out of three isn't bad for Oborne.

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