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I would have thought that most of Raab's votes will end up with Johnson or Gove but when Stewart and Javid get eliminated there supporters will probably switch to Hunt so the likely outcome is probably a run off between Hunt and Johnson.

The only good news is that if there are still 30 + Mps backing Stewart the Tories clearly don't have the numbers to vote through a 'no deal Brexit'
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Boris Johnson was challenged by Rory Stewart to detail what tariffs (taxes on imports) would be charged on agricultural goods crossing the border.

He said there would be "no tariffs or quotas" because "what we want to do is get a standstill in our current arrangements under GATT 24" until a free trade deal had been negotiated.

GATT 24 is an article of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Supporters of a no-deal Brexit say it would allow the UK to continue to trade with the EU without tariffs for up to 10 years, while the two sides were negotiating a permanent future trade agreement.

But you can't use it in this way - a trade agreement has to be agreed in principle before Article 24 can be used.

It also needs the two sides to agree - the UK can't just impose it on the EU.

He can't possibly believe that, can he?
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Final line up of Take Twat for Tory leadership debate decided at second round of voting earlier
https://www.theguardian.com/politics/co ... rong-notes
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:14 am
What the hell happened to Stewart? Seemed a lot more withdrawn and almost resigned to defeat compared to the C4 debate. I thought he'd relish the chance to challenge Johnson but something was definitely off with him.
He's being interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire at the moment. Squirming a lot and not doing himself any favours, even without the fact he says he was chasing support until 3am.
Hmmm. I think he's on his way out. Strange, though. He never was going to win it but he definitely seems to have lost momentum very quickly. He got this far and appears to have either bottled it or knows something we don't. Ah well, pinning our hopes on the least shit Tory was never a great position to be in anyway.
The last comment I heard was that Gove was asking Stewart to drop out to support Gove, and Stewart was asking Gove to drop out to support Stewart.

It doesn't seem to be a done deal.
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:04 am
What could it be about Javid that deters the blue rinse tory voter?
a) His history at Deutchebank sounds a bit too European.
b) Bald leaders lose elections (IDS, WSC).
c) Some other factor that ruffles tory feathers.

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