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By satnav
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I think Murdoch realises that Boris is likely to be the next prime minister but he must also know that Boris will have exactly the same problems that May had in trying to push through any Brexit deal. By keeping Boris arms length Murdoch will avoid any flak if Boris turns out to be a disappointment.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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satnav wrote:
Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:43 pm
I think Murdoch realises that Boris is likely to be the next prime minister but he must also know that Boris will have exactly the same problems that May had in trying to push through any Brexit deal. By keeping Boris arms length Murdoch will avoid any flak if Boris turns out to be a disappointment.

I think this is exactly it.

The Sun are saying pretty much the same thing again today. They don't seem to realise that by doing this they too are admitting there is no sensible solution yet they keep ranting at Remainers for saying the same thing.

THE SUN SAYS Boris Johnson, how will you ensure Brexit happens on October 31 as you promised?

BORIS Johnson needs an answer tonight for the only question that really matters.

How will you ensure Brexit happens on October 31, as you have promised?

Brussels and Labour are interested only in blocking and sabotage. The EU currently refuses to improve the deal or fix the backstop. Labour, with Remainer Tories

and their puppet Speaker ­Bercow, aim to prevent No Deal.

What then, Boris?

If the answer is an election — in the hope of exposing Labour, winning back Brexit Party voters and securing a Tory majority — our apparent Prime Minister-in-waiting had better admit it.

If his answer is more delay, likewise.

A fudge won’t work. Everyone can see the problem.

He hasn’t even got the job yet, but Boris’s first big test comes on TV later.

They've amped up their attacks on Rory Stewart today. Some how "Remoaners" are to blame, as usual.

Roring him on

TORY MPs voting for Rory Stewart today are guilty of the same self-indulgence as the nitwits who wrecked Labour by giving Corbyn his undeserved chance in 2015.

The difference being that unless Boris implodes, Stewart won’t win when members have their say. All he might do is deprive the party and country of a more credible challenger.

Jeremy Hunt, maybe. Or Sajid Javid, who rightly says: “Rory is spending too much time appealing to Labour voters, not the Conservative membership.”

Stewart is the candidate for Lib Dem or Labour Remoaners. For supercilious Westminster bubble inhabitants who love to declare Brexit “undeliverable” and the choice of fools. Who believe only they are intellectually equipped to grasp its complexities.

They recognise Stewart, from his ­pitying smiles and exasperated head-shaking, as one of theirs.

Would they ever vote for his party? Er, no.

"We're not saying it was a fix...but it was a fix...and even if it's proven not to be a fix after an's was still a fix"

Stamp it out

ELEVEN years ago three men were jailed for rigging a council election in Peterborough for Labour by forging postal votes.

Later, in 2017 — despite the town voting heavily for Leave — Labour got a Corbynista Remainer elected by 607 votes.

When she was jailed for lying, the Brexit Party were hot favourites to win the by-election. But Labour, despite a Brexit policy in tatters and a candidate up to her neck in anti-Semitism allegations, somehow held on.

Of 33,998 ballots, 9,898 were postal votes, much higher than the UK average. And one of the key campaigners behind the win was Tariq Mahmood — yes, one of the jailed fraudsters of 2008.

An amazing coincidence, perhaps. But police had better probe it thoroughly. Because if that tight by-election was fixed, it must be rerun.

Whatever happens, it’s long past time to rethink postal votes. They are wide open to criminality and unworthy of our democracy.

Good news, though. Above The Sun are demanding a re-run of a vote if there's proof of foul play. Any day now they'll be saying the same about the EU Referendum, I'm sure.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS The one thing made clear in the Tory leadership debate is that Rory Stewart has no real plan for anything

THE latest shambolic Tory leadership debate generated far more heat than light.

Almost all five candidates left in the race are determined to deliver Brexit on or around October 31. Great. Almost all want to cut taxes — currently at their highest level in 50 years. Great.

We say “almost all”. Because Rory Stewart’s “plan” for Brexit is to bring back Theresa May’s deal, defeated three times, for a FOURTH vote. Why?

He had the nerve to sneer at others for being unrealistic — then produced the most unrealistic solution of the lot.

Nor would Rory cut our sky-high taxes. Because, he says, public services need the cash. OK. But lowering taxes creates jobs, stimulates growth and generates income for those public services.

The one thing clear above all the shouting generated by the BBC’s farcical format was this: Rory’s popularity may be increasing with Remainer MPs. But he has no real plan for anything.

Nor any ambition beyond continuing whatever it was Mrs May was doing.

Quite how he thinks he would win back the 26 per cent of voters currently backing the Brexit Party — many of them former Tories — is anyone’s guess.

His rivals did fine. Boris Johnson did not excel nor implode. No one laid a glove on him. But he didn’t answer the crucial question either:

How will he get Brexit over the line on October 31 if Parliament blocks No Deal and the EU refuses to fix the backstop?

We’re still none the wiser.

Hamm's off

PHILIP Hammond’s threat to quit over Mrs May’s farewell spending spree is not quite the terrifying ultimatum he imagines.

Street parties would celebrate the departure of the Chancellor who crippled our Brexit negotiating position by failing to fund No Deal preparations.

Had Hammond walked the plank two years ago, we might be in a different place. He’s likely to be out on his ear anyway the moment a new PM takes over.

That’s not to say he’s wrong. Mrs May’s attempt to raid our £27billion No Deal emergency fund for her “legacy” projects is reckless, ill-judged and too late.

She will be remembered solely for her failures. It’s sad, but there it is.
By Bones McCoy
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Hamm's off
PHILIP Hammond’s threat to quit over Mrs May’s farewell spending spree is not quite the terrifying ultimatum he imagines.
In fact it's about as terrifying as the Brexiteer's threat to "Walk away" from the EU.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The BBC are lefty liberals etc etc etc

And this right here is why, in my opinion, the likes of The Sun and Mail will be as good as dead within a decade. The way they arrogantly and patronising dismiss the youth all the fucking time is going to come back and seriously bite them in the arse. They seem to be too thick to have the foresight that young people, who are generally more liberal, will be voting in the not too distant future.

To rub salt in the wounds it gave air time to a misguided child, indignant that no Tories would pledge to scrap our entire use of fossil fuels in under six years

Shame of BBC

IF the scandal of the BBC’s Tory leadership debate doesn’t trigger wholesale reform over its political bias nothing will. It has rarely been more blatant.

Here was the corporation caught red-handed passing off Corbyn stooges as ordinary people chosen to ask searching questions of the candidates for PM.

One, an apparently open anti-Semite rightly now suspended from his teaching job, concocted a row about alleged Tory Islamophobia. BBC “researchers” somehow failed to unearth his own repugnant prejudices. But Radio 5 put him on air AFTER they were exposed.

Another apparent punter was an ex-Labour staffer motivated solely to tell the Tories they had no mandate to govern and to demand the election Corbyn claims to want. This was even worse for the BBC. It knew his background, but didn’t reveal it or think it relevant.

To rub salt in the wounds it gave air time to a misguided child, indignant that no Tories would pledge to scrap our entire use of fossil fuels in under six years — which no country can or will do.

Why did the show’s journalists think any of this was OK? Because the BBC is awash with lefties using the broadcaster, funded by your compulsory licence fee, to push their anti-Tory, anti-capitalist, pro-socialism agenda.

They don’t recognise their bias because in their warped worldview they occupy the centre ground, not to mention the moral high ground, and not the far left where most people see them.

This debate was already a chaotic shambles. We now know it was a disgrace to the BBC, a breach of its charter and a betrayal of millions of viewers.

If those behind it aren’t ashamed enough to quit they should be fired.

All to play 4

SENSE at last from Tory MPs.

Sajid Javid is plainly a far better ­candidate for PM than Rory Stewart, as the latter’s colleagues finally realised during his peculiar TV performance.

Stewart still insists voters love him. He should reflect why they are mainly ­Labour and Lib Dem backers.

The final four candidates in today’s showdown are, we believe, the four best.

If Tory members do make Boris Johnson PM, he has good options for Chancellor.

2-faced Corbyn

CORBYN must be hoping his voters, Remain or Leave, are as thick as two short planks.

Yesterday he seemed to indicate the party now backs a second referendum. Except his weasel-worded statement only mentioned “a public vote”. That could mean the election he wants and which is already Labour policy.

Remainers still don’t know where he stands. Leavers don’t yet know if he has finally betrayed them, as he surely will.

And Corbyn will keep stringing them all along as long as he can get away with it.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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THE SUN SAYS Tories don’t want Jeremy Hunt as leader — they want a committed Brexiteer to deliver Brexit

BORIS Johnson vs Jeremy Hunt looks like a terrible final. We hope we’re wrong.

We have great respect for Mr Hunt and congratulate him. He is a decent man and an excellent Foreign Secretary, unfairly maligned by the Left ­during his long, tough stint at Health. He has run a terrific campaign.

But the Tories won’t want a reformed Remainer in charge now. They want a committed Brexiteer to deliver Brexit, then win votes all over the country.

Boris is vastly more likely to do that. Which is why he is miles ahead with MPs and, more importantly, members.

The Tories should use this contest to produce the best, most achievable Brexit plan. That may be a combination of both candidates’ ideas, though there’s not a huge difference between them.

Then they need the man most capable of winning the election which seems inevitable, before unifying Britain in a way Corbyn’s Marxists can never do.

Mr Hunt is a good operator and a ­self-made millionaire used to tough negotiations, but we cannot see that beating Boris’s charisma. It would take a miracle or a Boris implosion.

We were sorry to see Home Secretary Sajid Javid lose out. His campaign won him many new fans. And Michael Gove is a tremendous orator, reformer and Brexiteer who would have given Boris a stiffer challenge than any of his rivals.

But Johnson v Hunt it is. Bring it on.

Another banal rant about the BBC,

Feeble Beeb

THE BBC’s defence of its shameful Tory leadership TV debate is pathetic.

Its leftie journalists gave a platform to a Corbyn-backing anti-Semite and a former Corbyn staffer and passed them off as random punters. Neither was interested in honest, fair scrutiny. Their agenda was to benefit Labour.

Nor were their questions “good ones”, as its live politics editor feebly insists.

One stoked flimsy claims about a Tory Islamophobia problem, a naked attempt to distract from Labour’s genuine ­epidemic of Jew-hatred. Another baldly stated that no Tory had a mandate to govern and demanded an election.

Johnson and Hunt should boycott further partisan BBC stitch-ups.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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The Sun call other people "frothing, incoherent balls of rage."

THE SUN SAYS Derision heaped on Mrs May by Remainers and the EU was nothing compared to the all-out war on Boris

THE derision heaped on Theresa May by the EU and its Remainer cheerleaders was only an aperitif to the all-out war now being waged against Boris Johnson.

Mrs May was at least one of them — a europhile reluctantly doing her duty.

Boris was the face of Brexit. He believes in it. He intends, if made PM, to deliver it “do or die, come what may”. To Remain diehards that makes him a monster.

Brussels, predictably, mocks him. It says his Brexit plan is ludicrous. Except the EU IS finally now taking the threat of No Deal seriously and ordering ­Ireland to detail its emergency plans.

And what is Brussels’ own strategy? To insist we swallow Mrs May’s dodgy deal, overwhelmingly rejected three times? That’s the definition of madness.

But eurocrat loathing of Boris is nothing compared with that of our political and media Remoaners. “Sir” Ed Davey, the dismal Lib-Dem ex-Cabinet minister, wants to politically “decapitate” him . . . a vile phrase in this volatile climate.

No Deal is dangerous, Davey says — so here’s his alternative: have the Queen simply cancel Brexit. Yes, a monstrous constitutional and democratic outrage, triggering chaos, disorder and division.

But Boris is the crazy one, remember.

Brexit had already made fools of formerly moderate MPs and once-impartial media figures. Boris reduces them all to frothing, incoherent balls of rage.

If he becomes PM we fear for their sanity.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Looks like Hunt has blown it with The Sun:

THE SUN SAYS Jeremy Hunt shot himself in both feet with ‘Little England’ swipe over Brexit

JEREMY Hunt shot himself in both feet with his “Little England” swipe over Brexit.

We agree with his call for a “positive, open and internationalist” Britain, not one that raises the drawbridge. The point of leaving for us was to open up our economy beyond the Brussels club.

But there are two problems with a Tory leadership finalist wanting to “deliver a Brexit that works for the 48 per cent, not just the 52 per cent . . . Great Britain not Little England”.

The first being that many of the 48 don’t want any form of it, “working for them” or not, and are still desperate to kill it.
The second being the implication that they want “Great Britain” while Leavers want an insular “Little England” — when there is no evidence that’s true.

It may be just a badly worded remark. But we suspect it may also reveal a lurking prejudice about Leavers which the Foreign Secretary and too many fellow Remainers still harbour.

When you’re trying to win over Eurosceptic Tory members, and then Brexit Party voters, that’s fatal.

Puppet Corbyn

IT is now obvious from Labour’s Brexit paralysis who would run a Corbyn Government: union boss “Red Len” McCluskey and vile Stalin apologist Seumas Milne.

Most of Corbyn’s party are screaming at him to back a second referendum and campaign to Remain. His deputy, Shadow Chancellor, Brexit spokesman and other frontbenchers side with the Remain-voting members. Corbyn can’t.

Milne and Unite chief McCluskey are opposed. And they call the shots.

In power, Corbyn’s national decisions would be dictated to him by the unions.

Which is not to say Red Len is wrong on Brexit. In the latest major survey, 57 per cent of Brits now back leaving in some form. Remain is down to just 43.

Labour could back this minority and promise them their losers’ vote, hoping to lure middle-class urban Remainers back from the Lib Dems. But betraying its working-class Leavers could sacrifice dozens of seats it needs for power.

You thought the Tories had problems.

Fund Our Boys

IT’S time the Government did right by our depleted and demoralised forces — with a decent pay rise.

For years they were held to the 1 per cent public sector pay cap the Tories imposed to help fix the finances Gordon Brown destroyed.

But recruits are now paid the equivalent of £1,159 less than in 2010. The starting salary is still just £18,859.

That cannot be right. Especially when we are told austerity is over.

It’s Armed Forces Day this Saturday. The Government should celebrate it with a decent bung to our heroes.
By bluebellnutter
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The second being the implication that they want “Great Britain” while Leavers want an insular “Little England” — when there is no evidence that’s true.
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