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By MisterMuncher
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youngian wrote:
Tue Jun 18, 2019 11:17 am
Likewise, Ireland's second vote on the Nice(?) Treaty was about presenting an amended version of the elected government's central strategic aim that could command a majority (tighter assurance about NATO and abortion policy staying national satisfied enough voters to switch). Referendums are not government by opinion poll.
In simpler terms, Ireland has an organised, self contained and non-party political system for setting up referenda, and operates a system where the legislation for the result must be drafted *first*. It's proven rather effective in shutting down the Unicorn farming industry.
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By Boiler
No offences took place with three of the five allegations of malpractice at a by-election in Peterborough earlier this month, a police inquiry has found.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesperson said: "I can confirm police received several reports of electoral fraud following the Peterborough by-election. Of the five allegations reported, two incidents are currently being investigated to establish if any offences have been committed. No arrests have been made." ... e-48680715
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A referendum is merely a snapshot.

General Elections prove how people can change their minds in a short space of time. Nobody says we shouldn't have GEs because it endangers democracy. The Tories had a majority in 2015, they didn't two years later.

It's a load of ifs. If Cameron hadn't needlessly pledged in his manifesto to call a referendum. If Blair had been 20 years younger and was opposition leader in 2016/17 there would have been a second referendum by now, in fact he would have swung enough votes from leave to remain in 2016, I think.

A part of me wants, would relish, this to go all belly-up. But it's the same part of me that after a bad day at work wants the place to get burnt down that night, but then I'd realise I'd have no job. Leave obviously will be devastating but I won't relish the fall-out, countless people's lives being ruined.
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Jeremy Corbyn.

Way to prove her point Jezza.

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