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By KevS
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Francois strikes me as so dim he'd probably invoke his father on D-day again, and demand to know what Soames' family did in the war.
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By Arrowhead
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"To be honest, I was initially pretty unsure about this whole No Deal Brexit thing. What finally convinced me was when Mark Francois showed me a random painting of a WW2 plane dropping a fucking great bomb into the water"

By Arrowhead
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Ed McMillan-Scott is well worth a follow on Twitter. A former senior Tory who jumped ship circa 2009 just as he sensed the Eurosceptic loons were starting to take over the asylum, he often posts some amusing insights such as the one shared above.

Plus this little gem from last year:

By Boiler
This says it all; the difference between those who actually fought in WW2 and the twunts who try to bask in their efforts and sacrifices.

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