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By Winegums
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I'm glad you went to the effort of finding...that.

Also glad we're once again veering off topic in the official thread for the Jess Phillips Fan Club.
By Winegums
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It's not like Farage fucked about in the EU and never attended any select committee meetings about fisheries, despite being on the committee, and representing an area where fishing was of great importance.

No, what happened was he failed to attend those meetings, and was publicly shamed by our news media, lost his seat and disappeared from power forever.

Likewise Boris was so busy being an MP (a seriously full-on full time job) that he barely has time to write a Telegraph column in addition to his many other business interests...
By crabcakes_windermere
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Yeah, the old ‘you can’t possibly ever oppose someone’s politics and still be friends with them’ line.

Apart from forgetting that a lot of HoC stuff happens in cross-party committees outside of the shouty pantomime bullshit of the main chamber, it just promotes siege mentality where no compromise is ever made and ideology becomes all.

Boring, simplistic ‘argument’. Proves nothing, other than that JP might potentially be able to work with political opponents because she’s a human who socialises and doesn’t see everything in black and white.
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By oboogie
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Famously, Tony Benn and Enoch Powell were firm friends for decades, I believe Benn was the only Labour MP to attend Powell's funeral.
Doubtless the non-doctor believes that proves Benn was also too Right-wing for the Tory party.
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By youngian
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Local Tory big cheese was reminiscing to me about his GLC days and his friendship with a young Labour councillor he rated highly professionally as well. Centrist melt John McDonnell.

Other reasons to socialise with MPs cross party: Easier to bitch about your colleagues to, much social legislation is cross party and allies are needed to defeat bad government legislation. Or you might just prefer a brandy with Ken Clarke than a glass of carrot juice with Chris Williamson.
By Tubby Isaacs
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That Nick Boles there? Is he the same as the Nick Boles here?
Two Tory MPs have clashed on social media over Labour proposals to force landowners to sell plots below market value to cut the cost of housebuilding.

Labour is looking at changing the law to allow the state to compulsorily buy land for a price that excludes the potential for future planning consent.

Treasury minister Liz Truss said the idea was "deeply sinister" but Nick Boles replied "no its not".

Landowners, he said, should not make a huge profit from the planning system.

The former minister, who has argued housing should be central to the Conservatives' domestic policy agenda if it hopes to keep Labour out of power at the next election, suggested the idea merited cross-party support.
Doesn't sound like the worst person a Labour MP could have a drink with.
By davidjay
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I've just been on the phone to my God-daughter. Her dad, one of my oldest and closest friends, is a Tory. Presumably I shouldn't have anything to do with him, and I should disinherit her the moment she says anything that isn't approved by the Cult.
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