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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:47 pm
Kreuzberger wrote:
Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:43 pm
When will they get it in to their thick skulls that Johnny Forriner isn't speaking English, he's speaking international and will take every opportunity he finds to hone his skills. He will even practice on native-speaker teenagers, given half a chance.
English is the lingua Franca?
While most social media is American based (and Oil is traded in Dollars)
Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:02 pm
It's a key part of the zeitgeist.
But that could be under threat, according to the cognoscenti.
In my experience, most on the continent probably speak better English than any of my attempts at their native tongue but they certainly appreciate the effort.
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PSNI chief constable says hard Brexit would be 'detrimental' to peace process

Simon Byrne warned worst-case scenario would see farms going bust and of breakdown of peace process ... etrimental
I hate to go over old ground, and for the most part he had the right of it (the Provisional Wing won't be getting rowdy, having the vision to let Britain shoot itself many times in it's own feet, a few dissident headcases will use their limited skills to deadly effect, the Wombles will try and get in on cross border smuggling etc.) but he's avoiding/ignoring the absolute chaos that's coming when ordinary joes are going to get asked to show documents and open the boot going about their everyday. Also, 300 crossings is incredibly conservative. That's roads. Fields. Rivers. The sea. Mountains.

I was out for a spin the other day. My phone 'nav slips into km if I'm in the republic by GPS. On one road, cresting the Flagstaff Hill outside Newry, I technically crossed the border six times. Inside 4 miles. Then I looked down onto the Lough. There's two pair of villages literally parallel on either side, maybe ten miles max (to say nothing of the smoke from maybe a dozen poitin men). Good fucking luck.
Well: this'll go down well with the Gammon...
"We thought they are so brilliant," he said. "That in some vault somewhere in Westminster there will be a Harry Potter-like book with all the tricks and all the things in it to do."

But after seeing the then-Brexit Secretary David Davis - who resigned over his disagreements with the deal - speaking in public, his mind changed.

"I saw him not coming, not negotiating, grandstanding elsewhere [and] I thought, 'Oh my God, they haven't got a plan, they haven't got a plan.'
I'm afraid that was obvious when they released the photo of the negotiating teams on day one.

Barnier and his team with bundles of notes, sitting across from Davis twiddling a biro between his fingers.
Well, this article has triggered them.

The usual suspects have appeared too, as if by magic...
Screenshot_2019-07-18 UK 'will have to face consequences of no deal'.png
Screenshot_2019-07-18 UK 'will have to face consequences of no deal'.png (5.16 KiB) Viewed 1518 times
I love how Dunkirk is always painted as a victory.

It wasn't.
Screenshot_2019-07-18 UK 'will have to face consequences of no deal'(1).png
Screenshot_2019-07-18 UK 'will have to face consequences of no deal'(1).png (7.72 KiB) Viewed 1514 times
How come there are so many faulty caps lock keys out there? Remember: click your heels three times...
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